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RML Launcher v2.0.12

  • Modified the terms of use window to show before the update.
  • Added a notification window to ask the user if he wants to download the latest update or not.
  • Fixed an issue with the injection.
  • Cleaned the code a bit (more code cleaning soon).
  • Fixed an issue with the new hashing algorithm.
  • Fixed many translations problems.
  • Removed Discord Rich Presence.
  • Replaced Newtonsoft.Json with the .NET Json system.
  • Removed useless textures/icons.
  • Fixed a scaling issue with the Auto Updater.
  • Fixed a scaling issue with the core launcher.
  • Removed some old code that wasn't used anymore.
  • Moved some HTTP requests to HTTPS.
  • Fixed an issue with the internet checker to prevent the "You are not connected to internet" message from appearing.

Changelog last updated on 2020-08-06

  • Version 2.0.12
  • Released on 2020-06-19
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