Raft Mod Loader v6.3

  • New serverlist in preparation of the dedicated servers.
  • Many improvements for the F10 console.
  • New commands in console to set max logs.
  • New compiler (no caching yet, will be added soon) (No more csc.exe problems)
  • Some refactoring of the code.
  • Added RTCP networking layer for dedicated servers.
  • Added new networking messages for dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers should be released this month to our patrons as it is in early access and under heavy development ! Once it'll be fully working and will have most of the issues solved, it'll be made available to the public (Probably in 2023) DM me for early access if you want to help (better with a solid project)

Changelog last updated on 2022-09-20

  • ModLoader version 6.3
  • for Raft 1.0 hotfix 1
  • Released on 2022-09-20