Create backups of worlds


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Backup Mod is a mod which can help you create backups of your worlds and easily revert over to them if something go wrong.


All commands start with backup

  • time TimePerBackupInSeconds

    This is to set the time when every backup is made, so for example the default it 5 minutes which would be 300 seconds, if you wanted 10 minutes you would do "backup id 600", 600 being 10 minutes in seconds.

  • help

    This will show a list commands for this mod. Example: backup help.

  • now

    Now, will create the next backup now, however the timer won't be reset so the next back up will still come at its normal time. Example: backup now

  • revert worldName

    Revert is an easy way to go back to a backup, this command has to be used in the main menu. Example: backup revert Solo Survival this would revert my solo survival world to the backup.

How to Install

  1. Download RaftModLoader from here
  2. Download this mod's .dll file from here
  3. Run RaftModLoader. It will open the game after a moment. Once you're on the main menu you should see a new button on the top right called "Open Mods folder"
  4. Click the "Open mods folder" button, the folder that opens up is where you should place the .dll file
  5. From now on, launch the game by running the RaftModLoader. Mods will not work unless Raft is launched from RaftModLoader.

Then it all should be installed :D

Description last changed on 2019-11-23