More sails/engines will make you go faster. Also brings Quality of Life improvements to control all your sails/engines at once.


Version 3.2.1LatestUp to date
  • Added Chapter II support

Released on 2020-10-09

Version 3.2.0Untested
  • Updated to .rmod

Released on 2020-08-06

Version 3.1.5Untested
  • Updated for 10.07.
  • Updated version number to 3.1.5

Released on 2019-12-17

Version 3.1.4Untested
  • Made engines MUCH quieter, because they're loud. Too loud.

Released on 2019-12-12

Version 3.1.3Outdated
  • Upped maxVelocity to fix an issue with conflicting sails & engines.

Released on 2019-12-10

Version 3.1.2Outdated
  • Fixed sails no longer adding together.
  • Added "raftSpeed" command to print your current raft's speed in the console.
  • Lowered max raft speed from 50 to 20.

Released on 2019-12-10

Version 3.1.1Outdated
  • Various bug fixes & code improvements

PS: Keep the bug reports coming whenever you can, I consider this mod feature complete and am just trying to iron out bugs and maintain the mod for future updates from now on.

Released on 2019-12-10

Version 3.1.0Outdated
  • Optimized rotating multiple sails so it no longer kills your FPS.
  • Gave players the ability turn on/off engines and switch their direction while on the Steering Wheel
  • Improved/Edited help popups while looking at a Steering Wheel or a Sail to include the mod's controls. (couldn't modify them on Engines) Downside to that is that they're now forced to the English language, might add translations in the future.
  • Various improvements.
  • Updated version number to 3.1.0.

Released on 2019-12-09

Version 3.0.3Outdated
  • Added the ability to press SprintKey + E on engine's directional switch or power button to do so on all the engines at once.
  • Added toggleEngines and toggleEnginesDir console commands if you wish to do the same from the console, and maybe bind them to a key or whatever.
  • Decreased the efficiency of sails as you place more of them.
  • Various improvements.
  • Updated version number to 3.0.3.

Released on 2019-12-09

Version 3.0.2Outdated
  • Fixed steering wheel not working when the mod is loaded.
  • Greatly improved code quality of the Raft's FixedUpdate() patch.
  • Potentially made the engines slightly better by uncapping raft speed?

Released on 2019-12-09

Version 3.0.0Outdated
  • Fixed for Update 10.05.
  • Removed sailsDecay setting.
  • Changed decay to 1.5 from 1.9. (slightly less speed efficiency loss as you add more sails)
  • Added sailsRotate command, allowing you to rotate all sails by a given number of degrees all at once from the console.
  • Various improvements.

Released on 2019-12-08

Version 1.2.1Outdated
  • Fixed bulk-opening, -closing and -rotating using <SprintKey> + Rotate/Open/Close
  • Fixed sailsClose command
  • Converted mod to .cs file type
  • Updated command registering to remove deprecation warnings.
  • Bundled classes into a single MoreSailsMoreSpeedMod class
  • Added update checking

Released on 2019-06-20

Version 1.2.0-stagingOutdated
  • Updated to latest raft version (Staging)
  • Removed quick options :/ (Shift+e to rotate) Cuz its broken :(

Released on 2019-04-24

Version 1.2.0Outdated

Empty changelog

Released on 2019-03-02