Seagull Master

Full control of the Seagulls


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In addition to full control over seagull spawning and targeting behavior, I have added a couple AI enhancements.

  • When you shoot a nesting seagull with a bow, it will not stay in the nest and let you hit it again. It will scream and fly away.
  • When you shoot a seagull in the air, it will not keep circling. It will scream and fly away.


Use the console commands to change the seagull settings.


(F10 for console)

  • seagullSettings - Display the status of all settings.
  • seagullBroodTime - Amount of time to lay eggs: <time> (default: 320)
  • seagullFindTargetInterval - Time before a seagull chooses a target: <min> [max] (default: 4 6)
  • seagullSearchPlayerRadius - Distance you scare seagulls: <distance> (default: 2)
  • seagullSearchScarecrowRadius - Distance scarecrows prevent seagulls: <distance> (default: 6)
  • seagullSpawnChance - The percentage chance that a seagull will spawn during the spawn interval: <chanceToSpawn> (default: 50)
  • seagullSpawnInterval - The minimum time before a seagull can spawn: <min> [max] (default: 5 7)
  • seagullTargetCropplots - Allow seagulls to attack cropplots?: [bool] (default: true)
  • seagullTargetFlowers - Allow seagulls to attack flowers? (Redundant, if a seagull can't target a cropplot): [bool] (default: true)
  • seagullTargetScarecrows - Allow seagulls to attack scarecrows?: [bool] (default: true)
  • seagullTargetNests - Allow seagulls to land in nests?: [bool] (default: true)
  • seagullSpawn - Spawn one or many seagulls: [numToSpawn] (default: 1)
  • seagullKill - Kill one or many random seagulls: [numToKill] (default: 1)


  • The Target commands are booleans and are either toggled (without an argument) or set, with a boolean value. A boolean true can be any of: 1, y, yes, t, true.
  • Casing isn't important. A boolean false is anything else, e.g.: seagullTargetCropplots NOOOOOO will stop seagulls from attacking cropplots.
  • Square brackets indicate an optional parameter, eg: [max]
  • Angle brackets indicate a required parameter, eg: <min>

Description last changed on 2019-05-18