Gives players the ability to control gameplay variables through an in-game menu.


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Will only work properly in singleplayer, and in game

I am planning on making it work in multiplayer, to where the host picks the settings for the entire server, but it's going to take a lot of work, no ETA.

Video showcase by Styx


YourBalance allows you to modify a lot of game mechanics/variables through a nifty in-game GUI.


You need to define a key which opens the menu.

  1. Press F10 to open the console, and, for example type: bind p ybmenu to use the p key to toggle the YourBalance Menu (ybmenu).
  2. Press your chosen key while in game.
  3. Change whatever settings you desire.
  4. Exit out of the menu to apply the settings.

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Description last changed on 2020-09-19