Gives players the ability to control gameplay variables through an in-game menu.


Version 4.1.1LatestUp to date
  • Added support for Update 12

Released on 2020-10-09

Version 4.1.0Untested
  • Updated to .rmod

Released on 2020-08-08

Version 4.0.5aUntested
  • Removed the "left/right arrows control time" feature as it brought more errors than its worth.
  • Updated version number to 4.0.5a.

Released on 2019-12-30

Version 4.0.5Untested
  • Removed "Developer cheats" option as a lot of people don't know what they're doing and complaining to me about it.
  • Added two new options instead:
    1. Left/Right Arrows control day time (on / off checkbox)
    2. A button to refill health, hunger & thirst bars
  • Updated UI to reflect new changes.
  • Removed a debug message that's not needed anymore.
  • Updated version number to 4.0.5.

Released on 2019-12-30

Version 4.0.4bUntested
  • Fixed a bug that may happen when leaving/joining worlds a lot and would make the menu impossible to open.
  • Removed unnecessary lines of code.
  • Updated version number to 4.0.4b.

Released on 2019-12-29

Version 4.0.4Untested
  • Fixed a bug where YourBalance's menu could still be opened when RML's or another mod's interface was open.
  • Fixed equipment durability not being properly applied on items already crafted.
  • Fixed equipment durability and slot stack sizes not properly being applied in backpacks.
  • General code cleanup.
  • Updated version number to 4.0.4.

Released on 2019-12-27

Version 4.0.3Untested
  • Fixed a bug where the menu would still open when the assigned key was pressed while editing a sign/trophy sign/naming an animal.
  • Fixed the tool durability slider not working properly.(My maths was wrong, sorry for your tools)
  • Fixed the Seagull "Can Spawn" option always being unticked once the menu is reloaded. (My bad)
  • Updated version number to 4.0.3.

Released on 2019-12-23

Version 4.0.2aOutdated
  • Fixed a bug where free crafts wouldn't work in creative if the box was unticked.

Released on 2019-12-19

Version 4.0.2Outdated
  • Made sure people cannot use YourBalance when they're not the host of the game.
  • Added a new option in the Game tab allowing you to craft anything for free, just like in creative mode.
  • Added Oxygen loss multiplier. (works in the same way hunger and thirst does, but for oxygen)
  • Made sure oxygen bottles work properly with said new option.
  • Removed crouch speed slider as it was useless anyways.
  • Moved things around in the "Players" tab to account for the removed/added features.
  • Made every menu in the game close (inventory, etc..) when opening/closing YourBalance's menu.
  • Made all the settings return to the game's defaults when leaving the game or unloading the mod.
  • Fixed flippers not affecting swim speed.
  • Fixed a bug where you had to leave line of sight of Sharks (or get out and back in the water) in order to drop aggro from him, even if you unticked "Attack players". Sharks will now instantly drop aggro.
  • Updated version number to 4.0.2.

Released on 2019-12-19

Version 4.0.1Outdated


Released on 2019-12-18

Version 4.0.0eOutdated
  • Fixed keep inventory being forcefully disabled if unticked even if on easy gamemode.

Released on 2019-12-18

Version 4.0.0dOutdated
  • Fixed a bug where if you left/join your world again you might get spammed with errors.

Released on 2019-12-18

Version 4.0.0cOutdated
  • Separated Shark's "Are Passive" option into "Attack players" and "Attack raft" for more clarity.
  • ACTUALLY fixed mod icon & banner not showing properly.

Released on 2019-12-18

Version 4.0.0bOutdated
  • Made sliders maxValue 5 instead of 3 to allow for more fine control due to popular request.
  • Updated version number to 4.0.0b.

Released on 2019-12-18

Version 4.0.0aOutdated
  • Fixed a bug where the shark would still attack the Raft if set to passive.
  • Fixed the Player Health regeneration slider conflicting with the Damage taken slider.
  • Updated version number to 4.0.0a.

Released on 2019-12-17

Version 4.0.0Outdated
  • New UI !
  • Way too many features to list here, go explore for yourself !
  • Embeded the AssetBundle to the mod file.
  • Updated for 10.07.
  • Updated version number to 4.0.0.

Released on 2019-12-17

Version 3.0.6Outdated
  • Fixed a bug where your game would crash when shift clicking an item into storage under certain conditions.
  • Removed unused code.
  • Various code quality improvements.
  • Updated version number to 3.0.6.

Released on 2019-12-11

Version 3.0.5Outdated
  • Fixed an oopsie which would cause billions of errors to appear if you left a world and joined another one.

Released on 2019-12-10

Version 3.0.4Outdated
  • Various bugfixes & code improvements.

PS: Keep the bug reports coming whenever you can. Unlike MoreSailsMoreSpeed this mod isn't feature complete, I will be rewriting it in the future but I'd like to make it stable for you guys in the meantime.

Released on 2019-12-10

Version 3.0.3Outdated
  • Fixed harmonyID to reflect github username change.
  • Added missing "loaded!" message.
  • Removed "scene X loaded" message.
  • Added a missing float tag.
  • Updated version number to 3.0.3.

Released on 2019-12-08

Version 3.0.2Outdated
  • Fixed durability slider so it does what it says, to the left: less durable, to the right: more durable (it was inverted)

Released on 2019-12-06

Version 3.0.1Outdated
  • Moved version checking to this website instead of GitHub.

Released on 2019-12-06

Version 3.0.0Outdated
  • Fully fixed up to work with Raft Update 10.05 !
  • New banner.
  • New icon.
  • Mod version checking added.
  • Config file version handling added.
  • Various improvements.

Released on 2019-12-06

Version 2.0.2Outdated
  • Added the ability to change gamemode.
  • Updated version number to 2.0.2.

Released on 2019-03-17

Version 2.0.1a

This change only affects the remotely stored resources, no updating is required.

  • All sliders min/max values have been upped by one (%5 and X5 instead of 4).

Released on 2019-03-10

Version 2.0.1
  • Fixed the hunger and thirst sliders which worked the wrong way around.

Released on 2019-03-08

Version 2.0.0
  • Completely new UI (menu)
  • Added developer cheats option to the menu.
  • No longer uses F11 as the default key, requires to a bind to ybmenu (see forum post for more info)
  • Is now using the new .cs format, no longer a .dll (you still put it in your mods folder just the same)
  • Lots of bugfixes.
  • Much cleaner code.
  • Updated version number to 2.0.0.

Released on 2019-03-08

Version 1.2.4
  • Bugfixes. (with sharks)
  • Updated mod banner & icon.
  • Updated version number to 1.2.4.

Released on 2019-03-06

Version 1.2.3

Empty changelog

Released on 2019-03-02