RML Launcher v1.8

  • Added an "Uninstall RaftModLoader" button in the launcher settings.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading an update could corrupt your game files.
  • Added a new corruption checker, it will now ask steam to fix your game if its broken.
  • Download progress bars was laggy and 100% wasn't really 100%
  • Finally added REAL Terms Of Services! You will be prompted to read and agree with them when downloading this update. If you don't agree with them, click deny and don't use our software.
  • RMLLauncher now modify the file Raft/Raft_Data/globalgamemanagers to enable the unity built in audio system. What does that means? that means CUSTOM SOUNDS! Mods can now use the unity built in audio system to add custom sounds or musics from an assetbundle!
  • RMLLauncher now modify the file Raft/Raft_Data/boot.config to allow you to run multiple raft instances.

Changelog last updated on 2020-05-25