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Modding your game

To get started with modding, you will first need to install our ModLoader. The ModLoader is a program that allows you to load 'mods', small programs that add new items, blocks or useful tools, into the game. You can find mods in our mods directory.

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Popular mods

banner image for the YourBalance mod
YourBalance by Akitake

Allows you to balance the game.

banner image for the Item Spawner mod
Item Spawner by TeKGameR950

ItemSpawner allows you to spawn items, animals or landmarks with a nice Menu.

banner image for the Water Wheels mod
Water Wheels by traxam

Adds a block that automatically collects water and fills it into nearby purifiers.

Hosting a server

Raft does not officially offer server software. We do. Use our dedicated server software to play with your friends without relying on the host to be online.

Download dedicated server