Raft Mod Loader

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The Raft Mod Loader only supports the official Raft Steam release on Windows 10.
Up to date

Our installer comes with a launcher that always keeps your mod loader version up to date - no action required!


The RML launcher uses a secure channel to download the mod loader so that you don't have to worry about the bad guys.

Easy to use

Installing and using the RML launcher is as easy as pie. We'll do all the setup for you so you can get into modding right away.

Frequently asked questions

We have put together a couple of questions that are asked all the time. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us on our Discord server.

What's the difference between the launcher and the mod loader?
The launcher is a handy piece of software that installs the Raft Mod Loader for you. Using the launcher, your mod loader installation is automatically kept up to date.
The mod loader on the other hand modifies parts of the code of Raft so that you can easily play with mods.
Something isn't working! Who can help me?
If you encounter any bugs or run into problems while installing or using our software, please feel free to contact us on our Discord server.
What do I need to play with mods?
The Raft Mod Loader should work with any Raft installation that was bought with Steam.
Is the mod loader official
No, this project is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with Redbeet Interactive or Raft.
Where do I get mods?
Find our best and most popular mods on our home page or head over to the mods directory to browse all mods.
Can I make mods myself?
Sure! Whether you're a programmer, a graphic designer or a modeler, we always appreciate your help. To get started with modding, feel free to ask us on the Discord server or have a look at our Documentation.

Other launcher versions

We strongly recommend you to use the latest version that is presented above. Support is only provided for that version. If you in any case have to use another version, you can find it in the list below. You can also find links to the versions' changelogs here.

Launcher versionRelease dateDownloadChangelog
2.6.42023-10-16Download Link
2.6.32023-10-16Download Link
2.6.22023-10-08Download Link
2.6.12023-10-04Download Link
2.6.02023-10-03Download Link
2.5.82023-09-16Download Link
2.5.62023-08-01Download Link
2.5.52023-07-30Download Link
2.5.42023-07-30Download Link
2.5.32023-07-07Download Link
2.5.22023-07-06Download Link
2.5.12023-07-06Download Link
2.5.02023-07-06Download Link
2.4.22023-05-29Download Link
2.4.12023-01-30Download Link
2.4.02023-01-28Download Link
2.3.122023-01-15Download Link
2.3.112022-12-28Download Link
2.3.102022-12-23Download Link
2.3.92022-12-22Download Link
2.3.82022-12-10Download Link
2.3.72022-10-14Download Link
2.3.62022-10-14Download Link
2.3.52022-10-03Download Link
2.3.42022-09-29Download Link
2.3.32022-09-27Download Link
2.3.22022-09-20Download Link
2.3.12022-09-20Download Link
2.3.02022-09-20Download Link
2.2.182022-07-20Download Link
2.2.172022-07-07Download Link
2.2.162022-07-06Download Link
2.2.152022-06-29Download Link
2.2.142022-06-22Download Link
2.2.132022-06-22Download Link
2.2.122022-06-21Download Link
2.2.112022-06-20Download Link
2.2.102022-06-20Download Link
2.2.92022-06-20Download Link
2.2.82022-05-03Download Link
2.2.72022-05-03Download Link
2.2.62021-12-05Download Link
2.2.52021-06-24Download Link
6.2.62021-06-21Download Link
2.2.32021-06-13Download Link
2.2.22021-04-08Download Link
2.2.12021-02-04Download Link
2.2.02021-02-02Download Link
2.1.122021-01-31Download Link
2.1.112020-10-22Download Link
2.1.102020-10-22Download Link
2.1.92020-10-11Download Link
2.1.82020-10-11Download Link
2.1.72020-10-09Download Link
2.1.62020-10-08Download Link
2.1.52020-10-08Download Link
2.1.42020-09-02Download Link
2.1.32020-08-12Download Link
2.1.22020-08-09Download Link
2.1.12020-08-06Download Link
2.1.02020-08-06Download Link
2.0.122020-06-19Download Link
2.0.11a2020-06-15Download Link
2.0.112020-06-11Download Link
2.0.10a2020-06-11Download Link
2.0.102020-06-07Download Link
2.0.92020-06-03Download Link
2.0.82020-06-01Download Link
2.0.72020-05-31Download Link
2.0.62020-05-31Download Link
2.0.52020-05-28Download Link
2.0.42020-05-24Download Link
2.0.32020-05-23Download Link
2.0.22020-05-22Download Link
2.0.12020-05-22Download Link
2.0.02020-05-22Download Link
1.9.92020-04-26Download Link
1.9.82020-04-22Download Link
1.9.72020-03-12Download Link
1.9.62020-02-16Download Link
1.9.52020-02-14Download Link
1.9.42020-02-08Download Link
1.9.32020-02-08Download Link
1.9.2a2020-02-08Download Link
1.9.22020-02-08Download Link
1.9.12020-02-08Download Link
1.92020-01-28Download Link
1.8.12020-01-04Download Link
1.82020-01-04Download Link
1.72019-12-16Download Link
1.62019-12-15Download Link
1.52019-11-04Download Link
1.42019-10-31Download Link
1.3.02019-10-26Download Link

ModLoader versions

The mod loader is managed by the launcher. This means that you don't have to worry about being up-to-date with the mod loader. However, this also means that it is impossible to install old versions of the mod loader. This list is for documentation purposes only and provides links to the changelogs.

RML versionRaft versionRelease dateChangelog
6.6.4Update 1.0 hotfix 12024-04-11Link
6.6.3Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-10-16Link
6.6.2Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-10-16Link
6.6.1Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-10-08Link
6.6.0Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-10-03Link
6.5.3Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-07-07Link
6.5.2Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-07-06Link
6.5.1Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-07-06Link
6.5.0Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-07-06Link
6.4.2Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-05-29Link
6.4.1Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-01-30Link
6.4.0Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-01-28Link
6.3.9Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-01-28Link
6.3.8Update 1.0 hotfix 12023-01-15Link
6.3.7Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-12-22Link
6.3.6Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-12-11Link
6.3.5Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-12-10Link
6.3.4Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-10-14Link
6.3.3Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-10-14Link
6.3.2Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-10-03Link
6.3.1Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-09-29Link
6.3Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-09-20Link
6.2.13Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-08-04Link
6.2.12Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-07-21Link
6.2.11Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-07-20Link
6.2.10Update 1.0 hotfix 12022-07-07Link
6.2.9Update 1.02022-06-20Link
6.2.8Update 132022-05-26Link
6.2.7Update 132021-12-05Link
2.2.4Update 132021-06-21Link
6.2.5Update 122021-06-13Link
6.2.4Update 122021-04-08Link
6.2.3Update 122021-02-07Link
6.2.2Update 122021-02-04Link
6.2.1Update 122021-02-02Link
6.2.0Update 122021-02-02Link
6.1.3Update 122021-02-01Link
6.1.2Update 122021-01-31Link
6.1.1Update 122021-01-28Link
6.1.0Update 122020-11-02Link
6.0.9Update 122020-10-22Link
6.0.8Update 122020-10-14Link
6.0.7Update 122020-10-11Link
6.0.6Update 122020-10-09Link
6.0.5Update 122020-10-09Link
6.0.4Update 122020-10-08Link
6.0.3Update 11a2020-08-12Link
6.0.2Update 11a2020-08-12Link
6.0.1Update 11a2020-08-09Link
6.0.0Update 11a2020-08-06Link
5.4.9Update 112020-06-11Link
5.4.8Update 112020-05-22Link
5.4.7Update 112020-05-22Link
5.4.6Update 112020-04-25Link
5.4.5Update 112020-04-22Link
5.4.4Update 112020-03-12Link
5.4.3Update 112020-02-16Link
5.4.2bUpdate 10.072020-01-13Link
5.4.2aUpdate 10.072020-01-11Link
5.4.2Update 10.072020-01-11Link
5.4.1Update 10.072020-01-04Link
5.4Update 10.072020-01-04Link
5.3Update 10.072019-12-16Link
5.2.9aUpdate 10.042019-12-05Link
5.2.9Update 10.002019-12-03Link
5.2.8aUpdate 9.052019-12-01Link
5.2.8Update 9.052019-11-19Link
5.2.7Update 9.052019-11-11Link
5.2.6Update 9.052019-11-11Link
5.2.5Update 9.052019-11-10Link
5.2.4Update 9.052019-11-04Link
5.2.3Update 9.052019-11-04Link
5.2.2Update 9.052019-11-01Link
5.2.1Update 9.052019-10-31Link
5.2.0Update 9.052019-10-31Link
5.1.3Update 9.052019-10-04Link
5.1.2Update 9.052019-10-01Link
5.1.1Update 9.052019-09-22Link
5.1Update 9.052019-09-19Link
5.0Update 9.052019-09-18Link
4.3.1Update 9.052019-07-03Link
4.3Update 9.052019-06-20Link
4.2.3Update 9.052019-05-22Link
4.2.1Update 9.042019-05-04Link
4.2Update 9.042019-05-03Link
4.1.9Update 9.042019-04-26Link
4.1.8f2Update 9.042019-04-25Link
4.1.8fUpdate 9.042019-04-24Link
4.1.8Update 9.042019-04-24Link
4.1.7fUpdate 9.002019-04-01Link
4.1.7Update 9.002019-03-26Link
4.1.6Update 9.002019-03-17Link
4.1.5Update 9.002019-03-14Link
4.1.4Update 9.002019-03-14Link
4.1.3Update 9.002019-03-13Link
4.1.2Update 9.002019-03-08Link
4.1.1Update 9.002019-03-08Link
4.1Update 9.032019-03-07Link
4.0-pre-10Update 9.002019-02-10Link
4.0-pre-9Update 8.002019-02-02Link
4.0-pre-8Update 8.002018-11-08Link
4.0-pre-7-u7Update 7.002018-10-15Link
4.0-pre-7Update 6.002018-10-10Link
4.0-pre-6Update 6.002018-09-26Link
4.0-pre-5Update 6.002018-09-02Link
4.0-pre-4Update 6.002018-09-01Link
4.0-pre-3Update 6.002018-08-15Link
4.0-pre-2Update 6.002018-08-15Link
4.0-pre-1Update 5.002018-08-04Link
4.0-preUpdate 5.002018-08-03Link
3.8Update 5.002018-07-26Link
3.7Update 5.002018-07-26Link
3.6.5Update 5.002018-07-26Link
3.6Update 1.032018-07-25Link
3.5Update 1.032018-07-25Link