Raft mods directory

Here is a list of all raft mods that have been published on our site. If you are missing something or have a great new idea, feel free to contact us on our Discord server.

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banner image for the SpeedyGonzales mod
SpeedyGonzales by PROJECT_MMXXI

Ever wanted to go as fast as Speedy Gonzales himself in Raft? Well now you can!

banner image for the Lantern Physics mod
Lantern Physics by Trevor Phillips

Let the lanterns sway in the swell!

banner image for the Craft Menu Freeze Fix mod
Craft Menu Freeze Fix by zzekoo

This mod solves freezes when the crafting menu is open

banner image for the Realistic Mod mod
Realistic Mod by LPD - Minecraft

This mod adds better recipe and just a more pleasant gaming experience.

banner image for the Better Inventories mod
Better Inventories by ╠╦╩╗Maffin╔╩╦╣

This mod adds 3 different sort methods, a search bar, and the ability to automatically replace broken items.

banner image for the Crowd Control Support mod
Crowd Control Support by Aidanamite

This mod is designed for use with Crowd Control

banner image for the Stat Modifier mod
Stat Modifier by Aidanamite

Allows you to change how fast your hunger and thirst decrease

banner image for the Raftipelago mod
Raftipelago by SunnyBat

A Raft randomizer that uses Archipelago, a multi-world randomizer.

banner image for the Collection Counter mod
Collection Counter by Aidanamite

Counts the items collected from the ocean

banner image for the Building Utilities mod
Building Utilities by Aidanamite

Allows you to build in ways not before possible

banner image for the Alestorm Radio (OldWorldRadioEdit) mod
Alestorm Radio (OldWorldRadioEdit) by Rers

Pirate Radio!

banner image for the Easy Interactions (formally: Easy Crane Controls) mod
Easy Interactions (formally: Easy Crane Controls) by Aidanamite

Allows controlling various panels and objects using keyboard

banner image for the Statistic Mod mod
Statistic Mod by Aidanamite

Adds extra information to the HUD and other UIs

banner image for the Craft Dev Items mod
Craft Dev Items by TheZyga

This mod adds recipes for Developer Hat, Beach Ball, and OP Weapon! All completely unobtainable items in the vanilla game!

banner image for the Craftable Explosive Goo mod
Craftable Explosive Goo by TheZyga

This mod adds a recipe to craft Explosive Goo. It is kind of expensive, but I didn't want it to be to easy.

banner image for the No Pillars [Beta] mod
No Pillars [Beta] by TeigRolle

Removes the need for pillars.

banner image for the The Tweaker Mod mod
The Tweaker Mod by Flaymewave67

The Tweaker Mod adds in a few quality of life things. This mod was created for my friends: Mumsy, Adra, and Jay.

banner image for the Dissociation Dissimulation mod
Dissociation Dissimulation by Aidanamite

Wearing an animal's head will prevent aggression

banner image for the Benevolent Sprites mod
Benevolent Sprites by Aidanamite

Adds some helpful little friends

banner image for the ConfigurableDamage mod
ConfigurableDamage by cmd430

Add a slider for configuring Player damage multiplier

banner image for the Chest Locking mod
Chest Locking by Aidanamite

Allow you to lock players out of your chests

banner image for the Diagonal Pillars mod
Diagonal Pillars by Aidanamite

Adds a few angled varients of the pillars

banner image for the Easy Deposit mod
Easy Deposit by Aidanamite

Adds an easy way to deposit items from inventory to nearby chests

banner image for the Water Wheels mod
Water Wheels by traxam

Adds a block that automatically collects water and fills it into nearby purifiers.

banner image for the Glass Walls mod
Glass Walls by boebie

Adds glass variants for certain building blocks.

banner image for the Firework Launcher mod
Firework Launcher by boebie

Adds a new item that functions like a placed firework, but can be fired with a keybind.

banner image for the Remove Evil Animals mod
Remove Evil Animals by KUNGERMOoN

Removes enemies from game.

banner image for the Custom Tool Speed mod
Custom Tool Speed by traxam

Customize how fast your tools are.

banner image for the Old World Radio Minecraft Edition mod
Old World Radio Minecraft Edition by kerani111

Replaced the soundtracks of Old World Radio with the minecraft ones.

banner image for the Arashi's Fishing Expansion mod
Arashi's Fishing Expansion by Arashi

This mod adds new rare loot for Fishing and the FishingNet Block. More features coming soon!!

banner image for the Random Animal Spawn mod
Random Animal Spawn by Nephlymio

Spawns random types of animals when discovering a large island.

banner image for the Death Camera mod
Death Camera by benn1ed

Lets you rotate death camera freely

banner image for the RaftMMO mod
RaftMMO by maxvollmer

Allows meeting and trading with other rafts from other game sessions.

banner image for the AzQuest mod
AzQuest by Azertio

This mod add random trading quest.

banner image for the SadTweaks mod
SadTweaks by vildaberper

Just some sad tweaks.

banner image for the Bulk Crafting mod
Bulk Crafting by thmsn

Allows you to bulk craft items (x10)

banner image for the Battery Level Indictor mod
Battery Level Indictor by Nimachris

Show battery remaining power in percentage when looking at a battery.

banner image for the Altered Island Generation mod
Altered Island Generation by Aidanamite

Changes the underwater material spawns on islands slightly

banner image for the UI Scaler Redux mod
UI Scaler Redux by Aidanamite

Allows you to scale the game's UI

banner image for the Longer Signs mod
Longer Signs by jsmith

Write more text on signs

banner image for the SadPause mod
SadPause by vildaberper

Pause your thirst and hunger while the ESC-menu is open. This one actually works.

banner image for the Craft From All Storage mod
Craft From All Storage by thmsn

Allows you to craft with resources in any storage container.

banner image for the Recursive Placement mod
Recursive Placement by Aidanamite

Allows you to place a line of objects

banner image for the Camera Inverter mod
Camera Inverter by Tajam

Invert your camera movement on both axis.

banner image for the Voyage Overhaul mod
Voyage Overhaul by Aidanamite

A new design for the propulsion systems

banner image for the Auto Recipe Redux mod
Auto Recipe Redux by Entoarox

A Renovation compatible update to the popular Auto Recipe mod!

banner image for the Better Steering Wheel mod
Better Steering Wheel by Whitebrim

Steering Wheel will return to default rotation if it's not locked. Fixes vanilla Raft's Steering Wheel bugs.

banner image for the Minimap mod
Minimap by Whitebrim

Minimap with markers that you can zoom and drag!

banner image for the Leaves & Co. As Compost mod
Leaves & Co. As Compost by Whitebrim

Palm leaves, planks, feathers and flowers can be used in Biofuel Refiner

banner image for the Inventory Before Hotbar mod
Inventory Before Hotbar by dcsobral

Moves items preferentially to the inventory over the hotbar.

banner image for the Fish Seated mod
Fish Seated by dcsobral

Fish while seated. Or kill seagulls. Whatever.

banner image for the Renewable Farms mod
Renewable Farms by Aidanamite

Guarantees at least 1 seed from all plants

banner image for the More Trophies mod
More Trophies by Aidanamite

Allows more items to be put on trophy boards

banner image for the Advanced Basic Cultivation mod
Advanced Basic Cultivation by Aidanamite

More growable plants

banner image for the FoundationCount mod
FoundationCount by dcsobral

Raft Foundation Count

banner image for the More Trash Redux mod
More Trash Redux by Aidanamite

Increases the trash flow

banner image for the Extra Settings API mod
Extra Settings API by Aidanamite

This is a dependency mod. This mod may be required by a few mods

banner image for the Scattered Remains mod
Scattered Remains by Aidanamite

Makes the player drop their items on respawn

banner image for the Attack Identifier mod
Attack Identifier by Aidanamite

Allows you to see where the shark can attack your raft

banner image for the Garbage Sucker Fix mod
Garbage Sucker Fix by Aidanamite

A small fix for some placement issues with garbage suckers

banner image for the More Bananas mod
More Bananas by Aidanamite

Replaces the fake banana trees on islands for real ones

banner image for the Hyperchromia mod
Hyperchromia by Aidanamite

Adds a greater range of colors that can be painted with

banner image for the Augmented Equipment mod
Augmented Equipment by Aidanamite

Equippable Items to Enhance the Player!

banner image for the Your Balance [DISCONTINUED] mod
Your Balance [DISCONTINUED] by Aidanamite

Gives players the ability to control gameplay variables in-game

banner image for the Raft Blueprint mod
Raft Blueprint by Aidanamite

Allows you to save and load rafts as files

banner image for the Paint Everything mod
Paint Everything by TeKGameR950

Automatically detects not paintable blocks and make them paintable!

banner image for the KUtility mod
KUtility by TeKGameR950

Add many utilities in a Sexy UI! (NoFood, NoThirst, GodMode, StableRaft, ForceAnchor etc)

banner image for the Item Spawner mod
Item Spawner by TeKGameR950

ItemSpawner allows you to spawn items, animals and islands/landmarks with a nice Menu.

banner image for the Furniture Mod mod
Furniture Mod by TeKGameR950

Adds more than 100 new blocks to decorate your raft!

banner image for the Kelp Goo mod
Kelp Goo by Allan Menefee

A micro-mod to rename Vine Goo to Kelp Goo. Minimal example of changing a field in an item's settings_Inventory.

banner image for the True No Clip mod
True No Clip by Aidanamite

Adds a no clip mode that behaves more like standard no clip

banner image for the Vine Goo Crafts Explosive Goo mod
Vine Goo Crafts Explosive Goo by Senpai

This mod makes Explosive Goo can be crafted by 2 Vine Goo.

banner image for the The Maze mod
The Maze by Aidanamite

Now you can play in a spoopy maze

banner image for the Composting mod
Composting by Aidanamite

Adds recipes for composting meat with some plants into dirt

banner image for the Better Eyes mod
Better Eyes by Aidanamite

Allows increased render distance

banner image for the Dragon Sharks mod
Dragon Sharks by Aidanamite

Replace sharks with DRAGONS! 4 Different Colors!

banner image for the Voice Chat mod
Voice Chat by Aidanamite

Allows you to use in-game voice chat

banner image for the Settings Template mod
Settings Template by Aidanamite

Just a template/demonstration of how to use the Extra Settings API mod

banner image for the Server Moderation mod
Server Moderation by Aidanamite

Adds several commands for managing users in a multiplayer game

banner image for the Almost No Durability mod
Almost No Durability by Aidanamite

makes all tools and equipment more durable

banner image for the SeedsFromFruits mod
SeedsFromFruits by Mxyzptlk

This mod gives occasionally seeds back if you eat fruits.

banner image for the Name Your Shark mod
Name Your Shark by Dinnerbone

Gives each shark a random name from a preconfigured list

banner image for the Super Soaker mod
Super Soaker by Aidanamite

Allows you to configure the watering radius of the sprinkler

banner image for the Old World Radio mod
Old World Radio by 1BitGodot

Adds a Fallout radio to Raft

banner image for the Friendly Purifier mod
Friendly Purifier by Prince Charming

The electronic purifier still requires a battery... But the battery will never die.

banner image for the Strong Diver mod
Strong Diver by Prince Charming

Double your time under water on one breath of air and increase your swimming speed while holding left shift.

banner image for the zNightmareDifficulty mod
zNightmareDifficulty by Mxyzptlk

Easy -> Normal -> Hard -> Nightmare

banner image for the Grant All Achievements mod
Grant All Achievements by JojocraftTv

Unlocks all achievements

banner image for the Misophonia Helper mod
Misophonia Helper by Aidanamite

Disable eating sounds

banner image for the Raft Cost mod
Raft Cost by romaindurand

Adds a 'raftCost' command to the console that lists all the base material needed to build your current raft.

banner image for the Reciever Motion Display mod
Reciever Motion Display by Aidanamite

Adds raft motion display to reciever display

banner image for the Fly mod
Fly by Kālai

Makes you Fly Press F10 to open the console then type Fly

banner image for the Melissophobia Helper mod
Melissophobia Helper by Aidanamite

Silences all the bee sounds in the game

banner image for the Tree Drops Modifier mod
Tree Drops Modifier by Aidanamite

Allows you to assign multipliers to the resources dropped by chopping trees

banner image for the Shark Attack Delayed mod
Shark Attack Delayed by Nephlymio

Modifies how sharks behave.

banner image for the Bow Release mod
Bow Release by Pete

Allows you to release your bow without firing.

banner image for the WiFi Antenna mod
WiFi Antenna by Aidanamite

Hides the Antenna wires to make your raft look a bit cleaner

banner image for the Almost No Power mod
Almost No Power by Aidanamite

Prevents batteries in machines from losing power

banner image for the Angry Water mod
Angry Water by Aidanamite

Allows nature to summon forth the greatest of storms

banner image for the Absolute Gyro mod
Absolute Gyro by Aidanamite

For people having motion sickness issues

banner image for the Cinema Mod mod
Cinema Mod by TeKGameR950

Adds screens into Raft! You can watch Youtube videos, Soon twitch streams. It has custom sounds, custom blocks, custom items and way more!

banner image for the RecipesAndMore mod
RecipesAndMore by myxztpkl

Adds some recipes for rare materials and does some quality of life changes

banner image for the WorldEditor mod
WorldEditor by TeKGameR950

Allows you to change block's position & rotation & allows you to spawn trees on your raft

banner image for the Weapons Mod (Alpha) mod
Weapons Mod (Alpha) by TeKGameR950

WeaponsMod adds pistols, rifles, shotguns, dynamite, smoke grenades & more into raft!

banner image for the Solar Panel mod
Solar Panel by TeKGameR950

Allows you to recharge your batteries during daytime!

banner image for the Server Storage mod
Server Storage by TeKGameR950

ServerStorage adds a server storage unit to your raft world which has more than 300 slots to store items and has a search bar, its a massive storage unit, however it requires some power to be opened.

banner image for the More Storages mod
More Storages by TeKGameR950

Adds more storages to the game, including bigger ones.

banner image for the Hats Mod mod
Hats Mod by TeKGameR950

Adds dozens of wearable cosmetic hats the player can acquire. Hats will randomly spawn in the water.

banner image for the Stack Mod mod
Stack Mod by Fynikoto

This mod will increase the stack size of all stackable items!

banner image for the SortInventory mod
SortInventory by traxam

Allows you to sort your inventory.

banner image for the Preset Commands mod
Preset Commands by Aidanamite

Allows you to set commands to be run on world load

banner image for the MultiBind mod
MultiBind by Aidanamite

Allows user to bind multiple commands to a single keybind

banner image for the Lantern Shadows mod
Lantern Shadows by Pete

Enables realtime shadows for lanterns and allows them to be switched on/off individually.

banner image for the Spawn Island mod
Spawn Island by KenjieDec

Simple mod that spawns island.

banner image for the QuestItems mod
QuestItems by KenjieDec

Give you Quest Items

banner image for the Ctrl Shift Move mod
Ctrl Shift Move by Bahamut

Move all of the same type of items in one click!

banner image for the Antenna Anywhere mod
Antenna Anywhere by KevoSoft

Allow antennas to be placed anywhere! No more restrictions on which level antennas need to be placed, nor how close they can be together.

banner image for the Trees Drops Seeds: Reanimated mod
Trees Drops Seeds: Reanimated by Azzmurr

Makes sure you get a seed while harvesting trees by making their drop rate ~30% per axe hit.

banner image for the Augmented Items (Beta) mod
Augmented Items (Beta) by Bahamut

Augmented Items that expand on vanilla items and more.

banner image for the Craft From Storage mod
Craft From Storage by Azzmurr

Now you will have the possibility to craft even your ingredients are in storage

banner image for the Toggle Sprint mod
Toggle Sprint by Fynikoto

Let's you toggle the sprint of your character. Hit Sprint-Key to start sprinting. Stop pressing Forward or hit Sprint-key again will stop sprinting.

banner image for the Ignore Build Collision mod
Ignore Build Collision by Soggylithe

Hold Alt to ignore collision when building with the Hammer or block items.

banner image for the Better Controls mod
Better Controls by Cloowney

Allows players to toggle ON/OFF Engines, Sails, Anchor with key-binds. Change Engine Directions with key-binds. Show raft speed and set max raft speed with commands.

banner image for the BetterFPS mod
BetterFPS by TeKGameR950

Easily increase your FPS!

banner image for the Power Distributor mod
Power Distributor by Cables

Moves power from battery's over half full to battery's under half full.

banner image for the PlayerCompass mod
PlayerCompass by TeKGameR950

Adds a compass at the top of your screen to locate your friends more easily

banner image for the No Rats/Lukers Mod (Beta) mod
No Rats/Lukers Mod (Beta) by KUNGERMOoN

Removes Rats/Lukers from game

banner image for the Frequency Finder mod
Frequency Finder by JojocraftTv

Shows you the Frequencies for the Receiver.

banner image for the MetalToScrap mod
MetalToScrap by Daweed

A simple little Mod which adds two new crafting recipes. You can now convert Scrap to Metal(Ore) and you can of course convert MetalToScrap.

banner image for the Gravity mod
Gravity by PoFT

Set your Gravity

banner image for the Swim Sprint mod
Swim Sprint by PoFT

Gives ability to sprint while swimming.

banner image for the Custom Moving Speed mod
Custom Moving Speed by PoFT

Sets Moving Speed, such as WalkSpeed, Raft Speed, Sprint Speed and Swim Speed.

banner image for the Bigger Plots mod
Bigger Plots by TeigRolle

Adds 7 new crop plots to the game.

banner image for the AutoRecipe mod
AutoRecipe by burnedram

Enables recipes to prepare themselves, no more scrolling through your inventory to find the right ingredients!

banner image for the Skip Intro mod
Skip Intro by Fynikoto

Let you discover "Big Islands" right from the beginning of a new world.

banner image for the Better Item Drops mod
Better Item Drops by TeKGameR950

Adds better item drops to the game by adding an icon, the amount and adding a new cardbox model!

banner image for the GarbageSucker mod
GarbageSucker by TeigRolle

The Garbage Sucker sucks the garbage out of the ocean and puts it into neaby chests.

banner image for the DragonSeagulls mod
DragonSeagulls by TeKGameR950

Replace seagulls by DRAGONS! 4 Different Colors!

banner image for the Death Stranding Backpack mod
Death Stranding Backpack by TeKGameR950

This mod adds a backpack similar to the game "Death Stranding", it allows you to see other player's inventory.

banner image for the Raft to Discord [R2D] mod
Raft to Discord [R2D] by H

R2D sends your in-game messages trough a webhook to your own Discord server!

banner image for the Raft is not shark food mod
Raft is not shark food by 3stadt

Prevents Bruce from attacking the raft

banner image for the Custom Growth Speed mod
Custom Growth Speed by traxam

Customize how fast the plants are growing.

banner image for the GameMod(e) mod
GameMod(e) by traxam

Allows you to change your game mode.

banner image for the Custom Weapon Damage mod
Custom Weapon Damage by traxam

Customize how much damage your weapons do.

banner image for the Only Night mod
Only Night by traxam

Skips to the spooky night

banner image for the BetterBowl mod
BetterBowl by traxam

Gives you an empty bowl when you ate soup.

banner image for the Pause Mod mod
Pause Mod by Echo343

Pause your thirst & hunger in multiplayer!

banner image for the Tombstones mod
Tombstones by TechDivers

Simply add tomb where you died.

banner image for the Utility Craft + mod
Utility Craft + by SWiRaki

Adds simple crafting recipes and changed max stack sizes for some advanced gameplay, primarily for farming.

banner image for the ValExtract mod
ValExtract by Tera

Lets you see class fields and their value during runtime from the console!

banner image for the True Landlubber mod
True Landlubber by ╠╦╩╗Maffin╔╩╦╣

Removes the shakiness better than 'Motion sickness' mode. COMPLETELY iradicates raft moving up/down/rotating, disables camera bobbing.

banner image for the Stop Hooks mod
Stop Hooks by Microman502

Stop Hooks from being made.

banner image for the Quick Utilities mod
Quick Utilities by Styx

Allows the user to add keybindings to drop and raise anchors, drop and raise sails and finally, turn on and off the engines.

banner image for the MoreRareAnimals mod
MoreRareAnimals by jannik

Gives you the ability to change the general and rare animal spawn rate.

banner image for the Passive Seagulls mod
Passive Seagulls by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

PassiveSeagulls prevents seagulls from attacking your crops and scarecrows.

banner image for the No Fall Damage mod
No Fall Damage by Bullet Drop

Removes fall damage.

banner image for the MoreSharkBait mod
MoreSharkBait by camarril

Allows you to craft shark bait with any fish

banner image for the Mumble Link mod
Mumble Link by yaks

Allows positional voice audio via Mumble.

banner image for the LongerDayNightCycles mod
LongerDayNightCycles by jannik

LongerDayNightCycles is a Raft-Mod, which allows you to configure the length of your day night cycles individually.

banner image for the Inventory Stack mod
Inventory Stack by dakotahawkins

Makes it easier to stay organized! Building and crafting will use items from the "end" of your inventory instead of the "beginning."

banner image for the Electricity Mod mod
Electricity Mod by derek

Adds some new electricity items to the game!

banner image for the FertilizerMod mod
FertilizerMod by TechDivers

Adds fertlizer to your multiplayer world.

banner image for the FilteredNets mod
FilteredNets by jannik

Configure your item nets to only catch specific items

banner image for the DShark mod
DShark by Spaw Morpheus

Dynamically spawn extra sharks

banner image for the Custom Maximum Raft Speed mod
Custom Maximum Raft Speed by jannik

Gives you the ability to customize the maximum raft speed.

banner image for the Inventory Clear Command mod
Inventory Clear Command by JojocraftTv

Adds A Inventory Clear Command To the Console!

banner image for the Dab Mod mod
Dab Mod by TeKGameR950

This mod literally allows you to dab with your friends! Fully multiplayer compatible!

banner image for the Better Jars mod
Better Jars by Nundir

Give your glass back when you use honey jars

banner image for the More Trash mod
More Trash by . Marsh.Mello .

Change the amount of trash spawning in your world

banner image for the FindRaftCenter mod
FindRaftCenter by camarril

Marks the original center of your raft

banner image for the Show Colliders mod
Show Colliders by Whitebrim

You can visualize colliders and triggers ingame.

banner image for the Sit and Fish mod
Sit and Fish by RumRunner

Lets you do stuff while fishing.

banner image for the Inventory Persist mod
Inventory Persist by Scott

Persists inventory after death

banner image for the Crouch Toggle mod
Crouch Toggle by RumRunner

Press crouch and stay crouching!

banner image for the Recycle Your Metal mod
Recycle Your Metal by Nundir

Allow you to smelt Bolt and Hinge in the Smelter.

banner image for the Better CropPlots mod
Better CropPlots by Nundir

Add the option to harvest and plant all slots in one click in a Crop Plot

banner image for the LargerNets mod
LargerNets by . Marsh.Mello .

Removes the limit of the item nets

banner image for the No Night mod
No Night by . Marsh.Mello .

Skips the spooky night

banner image for the BasicSpawner mod
BasicSpawner by . Marsh.Mello .

Lets you spawn items.

banner image for the SharkAlarm mod
SharkAlarm by TeigRolle

SharkAlarm adds an icon which fades from white to red when the shark gets near.

banner image for the Shark Spy mod
Shark Spy by TeigRolle

Disguise yourself as a shark and swim freely!

banner image for the Island Items mod
Island Items by TeigRolle

Display remaining items on an island.

banner image for the UIScaler mod
UIScaler by TeKGameR950

Scale the game UI to fit your screen.

banner image for the Turn Your Raft mod
Turn Your Raft by TeKGameR950

TurnYourRaft allows you to use the paddle with arrow keys to rotate your raft.

banner image for the SimpleFlashlight mod
SimpleFlashlight by TeKGameR950

SimpleFlashlight allows you to toggle a portable flashlight using the key F like in Garry's Mod.

banner image for the NoFog mod
NoFog by TeKGameR950

Removes the fog and adds an infinite render distance command.

banner image for the Raft On Sand mod
Raft On Sand by TeKGameR950

Raft... on sand!

banner image for the Better Bows mod
Better Bows by TeKGameR950

This mod adds 3 new bows and will later add new arrows! This mod has been made for our $15 patron TaDeNight

banner image for the PassiveSharks mod
PassiveSharks by TeKGameR950

Make all sharks passive.

banner image for the HandGathering mod
HandGathering by TeKGameR950

Allows you to pick up items with your hands instead of your hook.

banner image for the TeK's Admin Tool mod
TeK's Admin Tool by TeKGameR950

TeK's Admin Tool adds a nice menu to manage your players easily and protect your raft from basic griefing!

banner image for the DevTools mod
DevTools by traxam

Adds hotloading mods and console mod management to the game.

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