Raft Mod Loader v3.8

Changelog for RaftModLoader 3.8

  • Fixed the ModCreator references that wasn't working anymore due to Raft Update 5.
  • Added a reference finder to the ModCreator, so you won't have to manually add references anymore.
  • Changed the .NET Version from 2.0 to 3.5 (Which was a mistake.).
  • Fixed the tabulation spaces problems in the mod main file created by the ModCreator.
  • Removed unused imports from MainMenu.cs, RConsole.cs and ModLoader.cs.
  • Fixed the ModCreator freeze when adding ? symbol in the modname.
  • Fixed the news panel wich was not scaling properly on some screens.

Known issues

  • When clicking on the "Home" button the news panel scroll to an older new, I'll look into fixing it but as Raft switched to Unity 2018 they did some changes on the ScrollRects.
  • Sometimes the text on the MainMenu becomes blurry (This is due to the Unity Text Component, i'll soon update everything to TextMeshPro.)

Changelog last updated on 2019-03-06

  • ModLoader version 3.8
  • for Raft 5.00
  • Released on 2018-07-26