Raft Mod Loader v4.1.3

Changelog for RaftModLoader 4.1.3

  • Removed DevTools.
  • Fixed an FPS issue.
  • Fixed a notification issue with non-mod files in the mods folder.
  • Fixed an issue with the mod icons/banners loading.
  • Changed the missing icon/banner texture to something less agressive.
  • Fixed the broken modlist when a mod was broken.
  • Mod icons/banners for mods that doesn't have one now load instantly instead of fetching an inexisting url.
  • Added some code for the future mod "UpdateChecker" which will notice you when a new mod version is available. :)
  • Fixed a problem with the Harmony library when unloading patches.

Changelog last updated on 2019-03-13

  • ModLoader version 4.1.3
  • for Raft 9.00
  • Released on 2019-03-13