Raft Mod Loader v4.2

Changelog for RaftModLoader 4.2

  • Added mod update checking (UpdateChecking does not means AutoUpdating, it will just show you that you have to update. For security purposes i do not want to make the game autoupdate mods.)
  • Removed hover effect in the modlist.
  • Added possibility to use the mousewheel to scroll in the modlist. (Not perfectly working when hovering some elements like buttons and the version)
  • Added a text and a logo while RML is loading. You won't see it as its pretty fast, but if Modloader break or you have an issue you will be stuck on this screen, it has some info if you are stuck on it, like the discord.
  • Added updates checking for mods! Yay! For the moment, most mods will be red with "Unknown" status, they needs to be updated to support updatechecking.
  • Removed "Registered mod MODNAME" notification. It prevents spam :D
  • Added a modlist refresh cooldown.
  • Added update notifications for mods.
  • Changed RML icon. Thanks to @Mr. Klungland
  • Fixed timeset command.
  • Fixed sunrise time in the mainmenu.

API Changelog

Added ModVersionCheckUrl attribute, this has to be an url to a txt file containing the latest version. Example :


And the file contains 3.0.1 or anything, it can also be letters etc, the game will show an outdated message if the client version is DIFFERENT than the retrieved one.

Changelog last updated on 2019-05-03

  • ModLoader version 4.2
  • for Raft 9.04
  • Released on 2019-05-03