Raft Mod Loader v4.3

Changelog for RaftModLoader 4.3

  • Fixed an issue with dev mod loading (Shortcut mods).
  • Fixed an issue with the kill console command.
  • Added Permanent Mods
  • Fixed some caching issues with mods textures.
  • Reorganized folders in %appdata%/RaftModLoader
  • Fully removed the ModItemAPI until a complete recode.

Introducing Permanent Mods

Permanents mods are mods that can't be loaded/unloaded by the user, they are loaded when the game starts.


If you don't know, we found a way to do content mods now. (Adding new items, blocks, hats, animals etc…) (Thats gonna be awesome) So as its "ADDING CONTENT" to the game, it would only complicate the task to be able to load/unload on the user demand. Take the example of a known game that is only blocks (Mine…) mods are put in the mods folder, they are loaded on start, and you can't unload it. Thats the point of these mods. Permanents mods have a new icon showing its a permanent mod with an "infinity" icon, and their load/unload buttons are hidden.

For developers

How to make my mod permanent?

Just use the following class attribute


If your permanent mod is loading assets, use Async methods to load the assetbundle Because as it loads when the game starts it would just slow down the starting process. demonstration of the infinity icon

Changelog last updated on 2019-06-20

  • ModLoader version 4.3
  • for Raft 9.05
  • Released on 2019-06-20