Raft Mod Loader v5.1

Changelog for RaftModLoader 5.1

Launcher 1.1 Changelog :

  • Added a button to open the mods folder.
  • Migrated the Mod Creator into the launcher instead of the game menu.
  • Updated Services Status.
  • Terms Of Service window is now more readable than before.
  • Fixed an issue while loading the game.
  • Fixed some fonts/color issues.
  • Added the current modloader version after "RaftModLoader is up to date!"
  • Added smooth transitions between modcreator and main page.
  • Fading in animation when opening the launcher is now faster.
  • Removed white boxes that were showing when opening the launcher for almost 1second.
  • Fixed a bug in the window title.

RaftModLoader 5.1 Changelog :

  • Removed mod creator.
  • Changed the loading screen background.
  • Updated the patreon list.
  • Fixed an issue with version checking not working anymore.
  • Added the class "RCertificateHandler". All UnityWebRequest request's in mods should use that class as the certificate handler.

Changelog last updated on 2019-09-19

  • ModLoader version 5.1
  • for Raft 9.05
  • Released on 2019-09-19