Raft Mod Loader v5.1.3

Launcher 1.3 Changelog :

  • Added a minimize button so you can keep it running in the background.
  • Changed the close btn icon.
  • Fixed an issue when installing that would make the launcher crash.
  • Fixed some UI problems.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash when you close the launcher.

RaftModLoader 5.1.3 :

  • Updated loading screen with a nice IRL background.
  • Updated patrons list.
  • Fixed an issue where mods wouldn't load on startup.
  • When starting the game you will now see notifications to see the status of mods while they load.
  • Fixed an issue with the main menu.
  • Fixed a null reference exception with the API

Changelog last updated on 2019-10-25

  • ModLoader version 5.1.3
  • for Raft 9.05
  • Released on 2019-10-04