Raft Mod Loader v5.2.5

  • Fixed an issue with the shortcuts of mods.
  • New method in RAPI : RegisterItem(Item_Base item) This method handle all the registration process of an item. More info in the docs page.
  • New method in RAPI : SetItemObject(Item_Base item, GameObject prefab) allows you to assign a prefab to an item. So when the player hold this item the prefab will be in his hand. Multiplayer coded into this method! so if you add an item every players that have the mod will see it in your hand.
  • RAPI now throw an error when you call a method in the mainmenu that is supposed to be call ingame.
  • The time in the mainmenu has been set to the default time.
  • Changed the console font.
  • Fixed an issue with the errors in the console.
  • The csrun command now properly handle errors.
  • Added prefix for the ModCompiler and Evaluation.
  • Fixed an issue with the serverlist.
  • Fixed an issue with the modlist.

Changelog last updated on 2019-11-10

  • ModLoader version 5.2.5
  • for Raft 9.05
  • Released on 2019-11-10