Raft Mod Loader v6.2.0

  • Added a new mod field "requiredByAllPlayers" which prevents players from joining a server that has this mod if they don't have it.
  • Many changes on loading/unloading mods depending on if it has the new "requiredByAllPlayers" field.
  • Added RAPI.ListenForNetworkMessagesOnChannel(int channel) to facilitate multiplayer compatibility for mod developers. more info on our docs.
  • Fixed RAPI.SendNetworkMessage()
  • Fixed an issue with the server list.
  • Added a missing mod menu when joining a server that has required mods by all players.
  • Your mods are now sent to the host's of the servers you connect to in order to kick you if you don't have the specific requirements, It is version specific. That means if a server has a required mod in V1 you have to have the V1.

Changelog last updated on 2021-02-02

  • ModLoader version 6.2.0
  • for Raft 12
  • Released on 2021-02-02