Raft Mod Loader v6.2.5

  • Reworked some parts of the mod manager to prepare for mod packs.
  • Various fixes & optimizations in the mod manager.
  • Removed the "More info about dedicated servers" button until they are a thing (prob never, 300$ goal on our patreon)
  • Fixed Mod shortcuts for developers
  • mod.reload command will now load the mod if its not loaded.
  • mod.load command will now reload the mod if its already loaded.

With the modpack preparation, since its a huge change, some issues MIGHT occur, please keep us informed in our discord if you experience any issue.

Changelog last updated on 2021-06-13

  • ModLoader version 6.2.5
  • for Raft 12
  • Released on 2021-06-13