Raft Mod Loader v6.5.0

  • Added an option to start the game from steam and automatically load RML. Simply add -rml in the steam launch settings of the game.
  • Multiple performance improvements when loading mods.
  • Multiple performance improvements in the mod manager list.
  • Added 2 new mod events (OnModLoader, OnModUnloaded), It allow mods to know when another mod is loaded or unloaded.
  • Multiple performance improvements in the mod manager core itself.
  • Changed the file modification hashing algo to a faster one for improved performance.
  • Removed old unused code.
  • Improved some parts of the code for better performance.
  • Mods can now override a method called CanUnload to choose if the mod can be unloaded at a specific time or not (can optionally provide a custom message).
  • Improved the text rendering in some parts of the mod loader menu.
  • Modified the outdated mods notifications, it'll now show how many mods are outdated rather than a notification for all of them.
  • The mod list will now show how many mods have been refreshed and how many are left to go when refreshing the list.
  • Fixed a huge RAM issue in the mod list.

This update brings many performance improvements to the mod loader, feel free to give feedback in #general on our discord. You'll see that the mod list is way smoother.

Changelog last updated on 2023-07-06

  • ModLoader version 6.5.0
  • for Raft 1.0 hotfix 1
  • Released on 2023-07-06