Raft Mod Loader v6.6.0

  • Improved Mod Loader UI: Enhanced textures, clearer text, and better readability.
  • Faster Mod Loading: Mods are now cached for quicker loading.
  • Update Notifications: In-game popup alerts users if RML is outdated.
  • Language Support: Added support for various languages; more can be added upon request.
  • User Features: Autocomplete in the console, fixed chat size, and custom settings added.
  • Bug Fixes: Multiple issues resolved, including mod list problems and console commands.
  • UI Enhancements: Better visibility and formatting for various screen sizes.
  • Technical Updates: Harmony and RAPI updated. (Way more changes, more info on our discord (limited size here))

Changelog last updated on 2023-10-03

  • ModLoader version 6.6.0
  • for Raft 1.0 hotfix 1
  • Released on 2023-10-03