Alternate Recipes

A small mod that adds the capability to create alternate crafting recipes for items


banner for the Alternate Recipes mod

A small toolkit mod that introduces a system for making alternate crafting recipes. This mod installs two small arrow buttons in the Crafting UI to switch between recipes on items that support it.

The mod as is provides the following recipes:

  • Adds a recipe to craft 5 Scrap from 1 Metal Ingot, and then two alternate recipes on top of it, 10 scrap for 1 Copper Ingot, and 20 Scrap for 1 Titanium Ingot.
  • Adds an alternate recipe to craft 10 Nails from 1 Metal Ingot


  • Fix the placement of the two buttons added to be within the bounds of the menu (Right now they can sometimes slide outside of the box, although this does not affect their function)

Description last changed on 2022-07-04