Auto Recipe Redux

A Renovation compatible update to the popular Auto Recipe mod!


banner for the Auto Recipe Redux mod


Enables recipes to prepare themselves, no more scrolling through your inventory to find the right ingredients!

This a update of the existing MIT licenced mod, made compatible with Raft update 13 (Renovation update)


Put down a cooking pot, and place some recipes near it, preferably on the cooking pot's included board. Interact with the recipes to prepare them and start cooking them.

Fully multiplayer compatible, your friends does not need this mod for you to enjoy it.

What does it (not) do?

This is a quality of life mod, it does not alter or cheat the original gameplay:

  • You still need all the ingredients in your inventory
  • The cooking pot must be empty and have fuel.
  • The recipes can only prepare a cooking pot that is in close proximity.

Description last changed on 2022-07-04