Auto Sorter

Adds the ability to upgrade all storage types to auto-sorters. Auto-sorters are able to transfer items from other storages on your raft automatically.


Version 1.4.2LatestUp to date
  • fix: Network warnings printed for the host when in a multiplayer session and a client player closes a storage which has not been upgraded yet.

Many thanks to Leo for pointing out the issue!

Released on 2023-03-25

Version 1.4.1Up to date
  • fix: all sorters and ignore states on other storages set by everyone but the host, were sometimes not properly saved and failed to reload in multiplayer.
  • fix: sorters will stop working completely until reloading the save, after placing/removing a storage right in the middle of an ongoing storage check.

Many thanks to Abu Ameer for providing a lot of info, so I finally managed to reproduce both bugs!

Released on 2022-09-14

Version 1.4.0Up to date
  • fix: item transfer overhauled so item durability and remaining uses are now properly respected when transferring items.
  • fix: re-enabled Craft From All Storage support when upgrading storages.
  • feat: storages now save the entered search query so you don't have to type it every time you open the sorter.
  • feat: additional sanity checks for configured upgrade costs and better warnings in the console when the mod config is invalid.

Thanks to MadMarchHare for making me aware of the durability/uses issue!

Released on 2022-09-10

Version 1.3.0Up to date
  • feat: added exact match search queries to the item filter search. You can now put things into quotes to search for exact item name matches.

Thanks to Kumare for the suggestion!

Released on 2022-09-08

Version 1.2.1Up to date
  • fix: invalid storage save data for individual storages will no longer cause all auto-sorters to fail to load. Make sure you report all storages that fail to load their auto-sorter data on the modding discord.
  • fix: fixed compatibility issue with Craft From All Storage mod which made it impossible to upgrade storages.
  • feat: add additional output for I/O methods if data load fails for further debugging.

Thanks to Sailorepilot for helping me debug the storage load bug.

Released on 2022-08-31

Version 1.2.0Up to date
  • feat: new special search queries for item search in manual mode. Enter the search query into the search field for items of the sorter to find specifically configured items:
    • #active: search for all currently active items.
    • #inactive: search for all currently inactive items.
    • #amount: all items that have a specific transfer amount set
  • feat: added priority handling between auto-sorters. Auto-sorters will now transfer items from other auto-sorters based on priority. This change now handles transferring items between sorters, thus preventing circular item transfer and I could remove the "AllStoragesAllowed" option which is now enabled by default. If you want to know more about how auto-sorters transfer items between themselves, checkout the priority section of the mod description.

Thanks to ElvisLoh and Praer for the suggestions!

Released on 2022-08-19

Version 1.1.2Up to date

Thanks to Praer for pointing me in the right direction!

Released on 2022-08-17

Version 1.1.1Up to date
  • fix: sorter priorities not always respected when transferring items during the auto-sorter storage check. The fix causes items to not be transfered while you are actively adding items to storage inventories. If you are adding a lot of stacks, stop adding items for a few seconds and they will get transfered eventually.
  • fix: error when going back to the main menu without having placed any storages in the world.
  • fix: error when going back to the main menu during the auto-sorter storage checks.
  • fix: increased size of ignore and hide buttons in the sorter UI.
  • fix: handle block material setup better in case modded storage blocks use out of the ordinary shaders.

Thanks to ElvisLoh, FishTheSwann, FranzFischer and mat1k for reporting bugs and providing feedback!

Released on 2022-08-17

Version 1.1.0Up to date

Fixed version number to properly reflect added features.

Checkout the previous changelog to see what changed.

Released on 2022-08-16

Version 1.0.3Up to date
  • feat: added ignore button to the mod UI, so storages can be set to be ignored. Ignored storages will not be considered by the auto-sorters when searching for items. You can use this on the Trashcan storage for example.
  • fix: fixed an issue which transfered items, even if the auto sorter inventory was full, causing items to get lost on transfer.
  • feat: if the storage is picked up, you will now get all items back which you used to upgrade the storage. This is always 100%, regardless of the "ReturnItemsOnDowngradeMultiplier" setting in the config to make sure storages can easily be moved and upgraded again without loss of resources. On downgrading a auto-sorter to a regular storage, the multiplier is still applied.
  • fix: on downgrade you will now drop all excess items, if your inventory is full, instead of just losing them.
  • fix: manual mode is now the default mode for all auto-sorters to make sure you have full control over when the sorter actually starts transferring items. This is especially important if you upgrade a storage which already contains lots of items. This change might set existing auto-sorters, which are in auto mode, to load in manual mode. So make sure you set them back to auto, if you want to, after loading the world.
  • fix: fixed a UI issue when interacting with a regular storage immediately after loading the world.

Thanks to RopsideJA and Saravi for providing feedback!

Released on 2022-08-16

Version 1.0.2Up to date
  • fix: the item search now also searches for the item display name (as displayed in the rest of the UI) which should make it easier to find the correct item.
  • fix: fixed error when interacting with a storage directly after spawning into the world.
  • fix: item list in manual mode will only be visible after the auto-sorter UI is done loading.

Released on 2022-08-15

Version 1.0.1Up to date
  • fix: multiplayer functionality overhaul and testing. The mod should now work properly in multiplayer.
  • fix: removed unnecessary console messages
  • fix: code sanitization and documentation

Released on 2022-08-14

Version 1.0.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2022-08-14