Bed Time

Allows night to pass without all players sleeping.


banner for the Bed Time mod

Allows the night to be passed without all players sleeping in a bed. Can be configured using commands or the Extra Settings API.


This mod has 3 configuration options:

  • Full: All players must be sleeping to pass the night (default).
  • Half: Half (rounded down) of the players must be sleeping to pass the night.
  • Single: One player must be sleeping to pass the night.

The Extra Settings API is required for the mod to remember your settings, however it can be configured through commands. If you have the Extra Settings API, configurations done through commands will be remembered too. There are three commands, one for each configuration:

  • SetBedTimeFull
  • SetBedTimeHalf
  • SetBedTimeSingle


The host of the world MUST have this mod for it to work. Beyond that, this mod can be used with players who do not have it or do not have the mod loader. Players other than the host will still benefit from this mod, as it disables the fade animation for anyone not in a bed.

Dedicated Servers

This mod if fully compatible with dedicated servers. Simply place it in the mods folder for your server and it will work, though configuration will need to be done through the console commands.


If you encounter any issues while using this mod, feel free to let me know on the GitHub page, or by contacting my on the RaftModding discord, user destructione.

Description last changed on 2023-10-07