Better, Better Pause

Pauses all stats and stops enemies from targeting you, when you are in the escape menu


banner for the Better, Better Pause mod

This mod is meant as a replacement/alternative to Better Pause, Which was a replacement for sad Pause and Pause Mod.

!Note: For multiplayer if one player is paused no enemies will target any players!

Better, Better Pause allows you to pause the game when you go to the escape menu and stops: Hunger, Thirst, Health and Oxygen from going down, It also stops enemies from attempting to attack you when paused! Your raft will also not become raft food!

Shout Out to Aidanamite for providing the enemies fix, franzfischer for helping me get the code functional, and of course HYPExMon5ter for making Better Pause!

Description last changed on 2024-04-10