Better Inventories

This mod adds 3 different sort methods, a search bar, and the ability to automatically replace broken items.



Adds three new inventory functions:

  • Sort your inventory!
  • Search an item from any inventory!
  • Replace broken items automatically!

Sort your inventory

You get three sorting options:

  • Alphabetically
  • By ID
  • By Group

The number to the left of the sort buttons indicates how many slots should be ignored for sorting. For example, your inventory is a mess, but your ammo is always in the first two slots, you don't want them to be resorted somewhere else then, so you select "2", and they will stay there forever! Also works in other inventories like chests!

Search an item from any inventory

Click the "Search" button, and type in any items name, it will automatically highlight all items with that same name. Also works in other inventories like chests!

Replace broken items Automatically

You broke your paddle, but still have 15 more in your inventory, but after the 10th it gets annoying to open the inventory and exchange it? This is solved now! This mod automatically replaces any broken item into the slot that broke it with an item from your inventory!

Known issues:

  • Shift clicking an item from a chest to your inventory sporadically overwrites the item in your hand.
  • Not multiplayer compatible - an error will empty your inventory on join


Sorting code originated here

Description last changed on 2022-04-15