Comfortable Inventory

Some tweaks for more comfortable interaction with inventory


Version 1.3.1LatestUp to date
  • Removing Augmented Equipment compatibility patch in accordance with the changes in Augmented Equipment 1.4.6

Released on 2024-04-06

Version 1.3.0Up to date
  • Fixed compatibility with AugmentedEquipment
  • Internal refactoring and optimization

Released on 2024-04-06

Version 1.2.5Up to date
  • Removing debug staff

Released on 2023-05-22

Version 1.2.4Up to date
  • Potential fix (added null-check)

Released on 2023-04-10

Version 1.2.3Up to date
  • "Prefer hotbar" changes:
  • * Separated "cooked food" option into "cooked food" and "fresh water"
  • * Added "food containers" option

Released on 2023-04-06

Version 1.2.2Up to date
  • Fixed prefer inventory functional when non-full stack of item already in hotbar or bag is full but hotbar is not full.

Released on 2023-03-25

Version 1.2.0Up to date
  • Changed Ctrl-Shift-Click to Alt-Shift-Click
  • RMB with equipment in hands, while not in inventory screen, will attempt to equip it
  • Items now go into the inventory by default, not hotbar. Except equipment, tools, cooked food, healing and buildable items. Can be disabled or configured with "Extra Settings API" mod. Supersede "Inventory Before Hotbar" mod
  • A lot of internal changes

Released on 2023-03-04

Version 1.1.2Up to date
  • Fixed tank containers multi-input
  • Reworked stack shift-move to be more consistent with same functionality in other games/mods

Released on 2023-03-01

Version 1.1.1Up to date

Temporarily disabled recycler multi-input due to a multiplayer bug. Will fix it soon

Released on 2023-02-28

Version 1.1.0Up to date
  • Putting multiple items into tank containers (recycler, biofuel/water tank, engine, etc) at same time while holding shift
  • Refactoring, some optimization

Released on 2023-02-27

Version 1.0.6Up to date
  • Fixed version number

Released on 2022-07-30

Version 1.0.5Up to date
  • Fixed bug with empty water holders
  • Added fixBackpack command

Released on 2022-07-30

Version 1.0.4Up to date
  • Fixed regression in 1.0.3

Released on 2022-07-28

Version 1.0.3Up to date
  • Fixed bug with backpack overfill

Released on 2022-07-28

Version 1.0.2Up to date
  • New: Moving the mouse while holding down LMB and "drop" button drops all the items you are moving across
  • New: Ctrl-Shift-Clicking on item will shift-move all items of same type in the inventory/hotbar. ("Ctrl Shift Move" reimplementation)
  • New: Shift-moving item from/to hotbar when only inventory is open will always move entire stack if possible

Released on 2022-07-16

Version 1.0.1Up to date
  • Fixed a bug with consuming fewer items than it should in some cases

Released on 2022-07-04

Version 1.0.0Up to date

This is the first version.

Released on 2022-07-03