Configurable Machines

Adds configuration options for different machines (including not so mechanical machines).



This mod requires the Extra Settings API. Without it, the mod does nothing.

This mod adds many additional settings to the mods tab added by the Extra Settings API which allow you to tune your gameplay experience when it comes to machines.

Below are the different types of modifiers:

  • Time Multiplier: Higher value means longer time. For cooking things, this means it takes longer to cook, but for fuel this means it will last longer.
  • Battery Consumption Multiplier: Higher means more battery consumed. Move to 0 for infinite battery in a machine. This is usually a whole number internally, meaning small adjustments may not be noticable or may adjust more than you expect.
  • Amount multiplier: Direct multiplication of the amount with the value, usually rounded up to 1 if it would be rounded to 0 otherwise.
  • No Fuel Consumption: Change a device to not consume fuel (will still need fuel placed in it to function, it just won't ever use it).

The following "machines" are supported:

  • Advanced Grill
  • Advanced Purifier
  • Basic Grill
  • Basic Purifier
  • Cooking Pot
  • Electric Grill
  • Electric Purifier
  • Electric Smelter
  • Engine
  • Juicer
  • Paint Mill
  • Smelter

If you encounter any issues, contact me on the Raft Modding discord, user destructione.


It is unknown if these work properly in multiplayer. My best guess is that it would only have an effect if the host has it, and would work for everyone if only the host has it. If this is not your experience, let me know.

Known Issues:

This is (likely) not compatible with any mods that change the speed of the listed devices, as they likely change the same values. Mods that do changes through modifying return values may still be compatible, however.

I've experienced odd situations where the devices seem to reset, but have not figured out the cause. Fully reloading the game typically fixes this, and it seems to be quite rare. If you are having this issue, you can try to use the command ConfigMachines_ForceUpdate to try to forcibly update all values to their setting values.

Reporting an Issue:

The mod now has 3 support commands that can be used to help identify the source of problems. If you problem can persist between world loads/game restarts, use the command ConfigMachines_ToggleDebug in the console to enable debug messages. Do this before loading the world, as it will give information about the steps the mod is taking and the data it is using.

As soon as you encounter an issue, it is best to run the command ConfigMachines_DumpAll which will output a long section of text to the console. This section of text gives details about the settings and the objects that it is managing in the world.

As soon as you have finished following these steps, it is best to send your player.log file to me in the mods-support channel of the Raft Modding Discord. You can find this file at C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\LocalLow\Redbeet Interactive\Raft\Player.log.

Description last changed on 2023-10-07