Craft Dev Items

This mod adds recipes for Developer Hat, and OP Weapon! All completely unobtainable items in the vanilla game!


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Craft Dev Items

This mod simply allows you to craft the two developer items! (I believe there are only two) I came up with the recipes, obviously, I tried to make them as fair as I felt there would be to the item!

With those items being the Developer Hat, and OP Weapon!

The "Beach Ball" was removed from the game. So, I removed the recipe in this new version (1.3). Old versions of this mod were made for older versions of the game. For the Beach Ball you only need 10 plastic! Please note that any issues with the Beach Ball is not my mod acting up the Beach Ball is actually broken, does nothing, and gives errors! And yes it is invisible in the inventory!

For the Developer Hat it requires 2 Glass, 6 Red Flower, 6 Blue Flower, 1 Nail, 2 Scrap, and 10 Plastic! My reasoning for the recipe is that you need the Plastic for the base, Scrap alone with the Nail to hold the metal bar with lights in the middle. Flowers for the color of the lights, and the Glass to go over it all!

For the OP Weapon also called the Dev Spear, requires 60 Metal Ingots, 40 Copper Ingots, and 20 Titanium Ingots! I honestly am not sure if this item even has durability and if it does it is very very high! So, along with its durability it also 1 hit kills everything and that is why it is so expensive! I aim for it to be more of a late game item, like you have been playing on the world for 130 in-game days or something like that.

If there is anything wrong or you need any sort of help with the mod you can find me on discord at TheZyga#9734 I am also in the Official Raft Discord, and the Raft Modding Discord!

Please do not add me on Discord just to have me change one little thing. Especially if you are going to be rude the entire time, then not even say thank you or anything after, I did what you wanted or helped you!

Description last changed on 2022-06-25