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Craft From Storage

Now you will have the possibility to craft even your ingredients are in storage


Version 1.1.1LatestUntested

Fixing "New Update Available" in Raft Mod Loader UI

Released on 2020-11-22

Version v1.1.1Untested

FIxed Raft version in modinfo.json

Released on 2020-11-22

Version v1.1.0Untested
  1. Removed not necessary harmony patches on InventoryManager (OpenStorage & CloseStorage)
  2. Now storage inventory getter links to local player's storage manager
  3. Split the CraftFromStorageManager class into two different ones according to their purpose
  4. More developers things…
  5. Nothing should change for the players

Released on 2020-11-22

Version v.1.0.1Untested
  1. Fixed issue when mod on startup not recognizes already opened storage.

Released on 2020-11-22

Version v1.0.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2020-11-22