Craftable Plant Seeds

Craft seeds for all growable plants and trees.


banner for the Craftable Plant Seeds mod

Best used alongside Renewable Farms.

This mod allows you to craft additional seeds using what you harvest from an initial planting, that you might grow your garden instead of only sustain.


All recipes are unlocked by default and found under the Resources category.

Watermelon Seed x2
1x Watermelon
Strawberry Seed x2
1x Strawberry
Pineapple Seed x2
1x Pineapple

Banana Seed x2
1x Banana Seed, 5x Banana, 4 Plank
Mango Seed x2
1x Mango Seed, 2x Mango, 3 Plank
Palm Seed x2
Palm Seed x1, 2x Coconut, 5x Plank

Birch Seed x2
1x Birch Seed, 7 Plank
Pine Seed x2
1x Pine Seed, 7 Plank


This mod can be loaded and unloaded at any time by any player.

Description last changed on 2022-06-26