Craftable Explosive Goo

This mod adds a recipe to craft Explosive Goo. It is kind of expensive, but I didn't want it to be to easy.


banner for the Craftable Explosive Goo mod

Craftable Explosive Goo

This is an extremely simple mod. Just meant to make it possible to craft explosive goo.

It takes 4 Sand, 4 Clay, 3 Vine Goo, 4 Blue Flower(s), and 2 Scrap or Nail(s). This produces 2 Explosive Goo than can be smelted into powder!

If there is anything wrong or you need any sort of help with the mod you can find me on discord at TheZyga#9734 I am also in the Official Raft Discord, and the Raft Modding Discord!

Please do not add me on Discord just to have me change one little thing. Especially if you are going to be rude the entire time, then not even say thank you or anything after, I did what you wanted or helped you!

Description last changed on 2022-06-22