Custom Blocks

Allows you to craft customizable blocks.


banner for the Custom Blocks mod

Mod that adds a new block variations that can be researched in the research table. These blocks can be set to use any image you want, even supporting transparency. Each block has the following best fit image sizes (WIDTHxHEIGHT):

  • Bed: 959x682
  • Curtain Horizontal: 612x706
  • Curtain Vertical: 525x496 (top will be cut off slightly, so keep this in mind).
  • Flag: 377x252
  • Rug Big: 627x330
  • Rug Small: 385x253
  • Sail: 794x674 (bottom right of it will be cut off a bit due to how the mesh is setup).
  • Poster (16:9): 960x540
  • Poster (9:16): 540x960
  • Poster (5:3): 900x540
  • Poster (3:5): 540x900
  • Poster (4:3): 720x540
  • Poster (3:4): 540x720
  • Poster (3:2): 810x540
  • Poster (2:3): 540x810
  • Poster (2:1): 1080x540
  • Poster (1:2): 540x1080
  • Poster (Square): 540x540


You cannot customize the vanilla items. You must craft the new blocks to be able to customize them.

Walk up to a block, hit F (default) when you see the prompt, and then select the local or remote file you with to use (must be PNG or JPG) and it will give you a preview of what it looks like. If you are satisfied, hit the "Update Block" button. If you want to go back to the default image, simply use the reset button instead and update the block.

The keybind used to open the menu can be configured with the Extra Settings Api, but defaults to F.

Blocks will continue to have the same image on them, regardless of internet connection, as long as they are placed down and not changed, even if the image used was not a local file.

Using a local file requires that you either have the file placed in the CustomBlocks folder inside of the ModData folder (found in the Mods folder) or use a full system path to the file. Alternatively, you can place the file next to raft.exe. If it is in one of the specified folders, simply use it's name (extension included) and the mod will be able to find it.

By default, custom blocks will use the in-game texture quality setting for displaying. Simply turn off the option "Use Game Settings For Texture Quality" and the blocks will use the full texture resolution.


This mod has support for multiplayer allowing you and other users to all see the same patterns on blocks. By default, this feature is disabled, but can be enabled if you have the Extra Settings Api. Disabling this feature also means any changes you make will not be sent to anyone else. Additionally, the host can prevent other users from modifying blocks (with the exception of only the editor's perspective being changed) to allow for multiplayer blocks to still be used while preventing abuse.

Known Issues:

  • Some blocks will not show the key to interact with them, specifically blocks that already have another interaction key (sail, bed, curtains, etc.). If you can see the normal interaction prompt (usually the interaction bound by default to the E key) then the editor key should work.
  • You will get lag spikes on world load due to the loading of the textures for blocks. The more blocks you have with textures, the worse this will be, but it will clear up after a few seconds.

Dedicated Servers:

This mod works on dedicated servers, however having the images persist and be seen by others requires that you have the Extra Settings Api and that you use the command ToggleMultiplayerBlocks in the Dedicated server console (not the in-game console). Once it says they are enabled, subsequent messages for blocks will be accepted by the server.


  • Aidanamite significant code contributions which made this mod possible.
  • Leo for his art used in the banner (left and right flag, not the center) and icon. You can find his socials here. Also for helping me thoroughly test multiplayer.

If you encounter any issues, contact me on the Raft Modding discord, user destructione

Description last changed on 2023-10-07