Custom Homepage Messages

Replace the messages on the home page (F9 menu) with your own messages.


banner for the Custom Homepage Messages mod

Allows you to change the random messages that appear on the home page (the F9 menu) to custom ones. Once loaded, the mod will look in the ModData folder for a file called custom_messages.txt and read the messages from it. Each line will be it's own message. Lines that are more than 77 characters will be ignored as they are likely to overflow the text box.

If the mod cannot find the file, it will create a default one.

This mod can be loaded and unloaded at any time without issue.

The Extra Settings API mod is used but is not required. All it is used for is a button that allows you to easily reload the custom messages file. Alternatively, you can use the reloadCustomHomepageMessages command.

Known Issues:

Due to a bug in the mod loader, the last entry in the list will only be able to show up on mod load. The range on them excludes the last one. If the mod loader is patched, this will stop being an issue.

Description last changed on 2022-08-02