Custom Weapon Damage

Customize how much damage your weapons do.


banner for the Custom Weapon Damage mod

This mod lets you customize how much damage your weapons deal to animals, enemies and your friends.

Changing the tool speed

Open the console by pressing the [F10] key and type the following command to change the weapon damage. The damage value is a multiplier to the damage of your weapons (i.e. a weapon damage value of 2 will double the amount of damage given by your weapons).

Command: weapondamage <damage>

Example: Typing weapondamage 2 will double your weapons' damage.


In multiplayer, all players need to install this mod and set the weapon damage themselves. Each player can set the damage he deals automatically.

A synchronization of the weapon damage between players might be added in a later release.


If you have any issues with or ideas for this mod, please message me (@traxam#7012) in the modding section of the official Raft Discord-server.


Description last changed on 2020-08-13