A collection of useful commands.



This is a mod that adds new useful commands. If you want to use one of these when you press a certain key, use the mod loader's built-in bind command. Many of these are cheats, but not all of them.


  • revive: Revives the local player and gives you stats based on the current difficulty.
  • fullRevive: Revives the local player and gives you full health, hunger, and thirst, including the bonuses.
  • unlockAllNotes: Unlocks all of the story notes. This will also grant you all related achievements, so be warned.
  • selectMeasurementBlock: Selects up to 2 blocks for calculating a measurement between the two blocks on the raft. This will highlight them to make it easy to identify what the distance is. To be clear, two blocks next to each other have a distance of 1. Selecting a third block will deselect the first block and display the measurement between the second and third.
  • stopMeasurement: Clears the selected measurement blocks.

If you encounter any issues, contact me on the Raft Modding discord, user destructione.


The following commands are listed separately as they may contain spoilers to the story. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do spoiler blocks on the site.

  • defeatVarunaBoss: Recommended to only use after the big shark has broken down the door. Running this will break all walls, all pillars, and kill the shark immediately.

Description last changed on 2023-10-07