Dredge some supplies from the seafloor so you need to spend less time underwater! Multiplayer compatible.


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This mod introduces two new blocks for resource gathering that you can build as soon as you've researched all their components. They can gather every underwater resource that can be found at normal islands, plus they have a very rare chance of producing titanium. You do not need to be at an island for a dredger to work.

As a slight concession to gameplay, the dredger works even when your raft is anchored in place.

  • The Manual Dredger is an early game model that requires hand cranking if you want to get anything. Great for when you've got some idle time between islands. It's intentionally designed so that you can build it without ever stepping foot on an island, albeit at a hefty price in scrap. It costs 10 planks, 10 rope, 10 nails, and 15 scrap.
  • The Electric Dredger is a mid-to-late-game upgrade that's most practical after you've gained the ability to recharge batteries. While it takes titanium to build, it does all the hard work for you, meaning you just need to come by to pick up resources and occasionally swap out batteries. It costs 10 planks, 10 rope, 6 metal ingots, and 4 titanium ingots.


There are three customizable settings that can be configured using Extra Settings API. If you don't have it, that's fine, but you'll be stuck with the default settings.

  • Droptable difficulty determines how much good stuff you get relative to junk like stone. Default is Medium. See the Droptables below for the odds of getting any specific item on your chosen difficulty level.
  • Work per second ultimately determines how many seconds of cranking it takes to finish dredging for one item. Since one item always takes 100 total work, the default of 5 work per second means it will take 20 seconds of work to finish dredging. You can set the rates for the Manual Dredger and the Electric Dredger separately, if you want. Note that the animation time of the bucket returning to the surface is not included in the time it takes to finish one item, that's always added on top.


These are the odds of getting any specific item as a result of dredging. Much like getting specific fish with the fishing rod, it's all a numbers game.

  • Hard is the closest to the actual game numbers if you harvested resources at random from underwater at a large island (only ignoring some of the stone).
  • Medium represents a slightly more focused player search, so while it's slightly unrealistic, it's still pretty fair.
  • Easy is mostly a concession to fun rather than accuracy or realism. Useful materials are boosted a fair amount.

All of the difficulties have a tiny chance of getting a chunk of titanium as a fun rare reward (although this comes with a caveat on Hard mode.)

| Droptables | Stone | Scrap | Seawd | Sand  | Clay  | Metal | Copper | Silver Algae | Giant Clam | Explosive Goo | Titanium |
| Easy       | 5.2%  | 20.9% | 15.7% | 15.7% | 15.7% | 10.5% | 10.5%  | 2.6%         | 1.6%       | 1.0%          | 0.5%     |
| Medium     | 13.7% | 20.5% | 20.5% | 12.3% | 12.3% | 10.2% | 6.8%   | 1.7%         | 1.0%       | 0.7%          | 0.3%     |
| Hard       | 20.5% | 20.5% | 20.5% | 11.7% | 11.7% | 7.3%  | 4.4%   | 1.5%         | 0.9%       | 0.6%          | 0.3%*    |

*On hard, only the electric dredger has a chance of getting titanium. You can't get it from the manual dredger.


This mod is multiplayer compatible, so long as every player has the mod installed.


Many thanks to Destruction who did the vast majority of coding on this project. I mostly just supplied the ideas and the models.

Support and Future Updates

If you find a bug or the mod needs updating for some reason, feel free to contact me through the Raft Modding Discord, or ping me directly (PlateGlassArmour#8193).

All feedback appreciated.

Description last changed on 2024-03-06