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Marks the original center of your raft


Version 1.6.0LatestUntested
  • Updated to .rmod

Released on 2020-08-07

Version v1.5Untested

Made the marker a little thicker, to make it visible when inside a wooden pillar

Released on 2020-04-10

Version v1.4Untested

Download link is not working as intended. Maybe fixed.

Released on 2019-12-11

Version v1.3Untested

Fixed download link

Released on 2019-12-11

Version v1.2Untested

Fixed version check again. "It should work now" - famous last words :)

Released on 2019-12-11

Version v1.1Untested

Updated links, including version checking

Released on 2019-12-11

Version v1.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2019-12-11