Infinite Use

Allow to toggle infinite use of items. Requires ExtraSettingsAPI to configure.


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This mod lets you toggle infinite use of items by type and also by unique item name.

This is a port of my BepInEx mod InfiniteDurability, and is largely based on the existing Durability mod, but instead of changing the max durability of new items this one fixes the remaining uses of your items to their max durability.

I'm also aware of No Durability Plus but that other mod is more focused on changing durability or setting infinite durability per body part while this mod enables infinite durability per item type.

How to install

Please also install Extra Settings API.

This is required to be able to choose and toggle infinite use per item type from the settings. Otherwise everything is disabled by default and items lose durability as normally.


Press the ESC key during the game to open the settings screen. If Extra Settings API is installed, there will be a Mods tab. Find Infinite Use and toggle the checkboxes:

  • Fluid Infinite Use - affects containers that can hold fluids (e.g. water bottles), letting them hold more fluid.
  • Food Infinite Use - affects food items that have multiple uses (food items that are single portion are not affected)
  • Usable Infinite Use - affects "usable" items, like the hook, the bow, batteries, etc.
  • Equipment Infinite Use - affects items that lose durability when equipped.

Each of these is set to false by default, so the mod will only change the vanilla game by editing toggling the checkboxes.

There is an additional input setting Special Infinite Use which you can use to toggle infinite use for specific items. This is done by using the format "UniqueItemName1,UniqueItemName2,…". So to toggle both for headlight and plastic hook, set "HeadLight,Hook_Plastic".

I suggest you use Dump Items to find the unique item names.


This mod only works in singleplayer or for the host in multiplayer for now.

Contact and Issues

Please open an issue here to report a bug or suggest a feature.

Description last changed on 2024-06-09