Lantern Shadows

Enables realtime shadows for lanterns and allows them to be switched on/off individually.


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Enables realtime shadows on the light sources of lanterns and allows them to be switched on/off individually. In addition, switching off the lantern will now also disable the fire effect.

Realtime shadows will have an impact on performance on larger rafts. If you experience performance issues, disable this mod, reduce shadow resolution or remove lanterns from your raft.

How to use

You may switch lanterns on/off individually. Just approach them and press the interaction key. As soon as you switched a lantern manually it will no longer be affected by the automatic day/night cycle switch. Press "F" while looking at a light to reenable automatic light controls for the lantern and disable it during the day automatically. The same should work for all modded light items e.g. from Furniture Mod and it works in multiplayer as well.

Light states are saved to file as soon as you save your game and will be loaded if you load a world.

The mod is using the raft graphics settings to determine the shadow type to use, make sure you set the shadow type setting on the graphics tab to at least "Hard" for this mod to have any effect.


There is a config file available after the mod has been loaded for the first time. It is saved at C:\Users\<User>\AppData\LocalLow\Redbeet Interactive\Raft\Mods\LanternShadows\config.json. Change any config value and reload the mod using the ingame mod manager for the change to have an effect.

  • PreventDayNightLightSwitch (default: false) If set to true, lanterns will no longer be switched on/off automatically.
  • EnableLightToggle (default: true) Allow lanterns to be toggled on/off with the interact key.
  • TurnOffParticlesOnDisable (default: true) Turn particles and sound effect off if the lantern is switched off.
  • EnableShadows (default: true) Disable shadows being cast by lanterns. Use this if you only want to switch lanterns on/off but dont want the shadow effects.

The mod now also supports Aidanamite's Extra Settings API mod, so all mod settings can also be changed using the ingame Settings menu ("Mods" tab). Some settings however are only available when in the main menu.

Thanks to Spaced Invader for helping me test the mod and pointing out the particle issues.

Should you need support, head to the modding discords #support channel or contact me directly Pete#5177

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Description last changed on 2022-08-13