Name Your Shark

Gives each shark a random name from a preconfigured list


banner for the Name Your Shark mod

Name Your Shark adds random nametags to the sharks in your worlds. This allows you to bring your favourite sharks, twitch subscribers or patreon users into your game!

To use this mod, create a list of all possible names - one on each line - and save it as "shark_names.txt" in your Raft save folder.

In each world, it will go through the entire list by random until every name is used up, and then start over. This ensures every name has a chance to be seen once before reshuffling the list. This is per world and so you won't accidentally use up someones name on a test world instead of your main world.

After loading up for the first time, the in-game log will tell you the location of the file that it expects to find the names, just in case you have difficulty finding it.

This also adds an in-game death message when someone has been eaten by a shark, so you know who to blame (especially useful with multiple sharks in Hard difficulty!)

Currently the shark names are not stored to disk and are randomized on load. This is somewhat intentional but I may add an option for this later.

Description last changed on 2021-03-15