Old World Radio Minecraft Edition

Replaced the soundtracks of Old World Radio with the minecraft ones.



The radio just goes in the hotbar (Doesn't have to be selected) and you will then hear the soundtrack.

Full credit to: 1BitGodot, https://www.raftmodding.com/mods/old-world-radio

Made by renaming the .rmod of Old World Radio to .zip to see the files, and replacing the .assets file with my own created one with .ogg files using unity. Instructions on how to create .assets file here: https://api.raftmodding.com/modding-tutorials/how-to-create-an-assetbundle just instead of the square and circle put in .ogg files. Do this if you want to put your own music in.

'Use console command takeradio to remove the radio from the player Use console command giveradio to give a radio to the player Use console command radio_volume to see or change the radio volume'

Description last changed on 2021-10-28