Old World Radio

Adds a Fallout radio to Raft


Version v0.2.2LatestUntested

Fixed Issues

  • Radio reloaded from saved world does not switch back on automatically

Released on 2021-03-12

Version v.0.2.1Untested

Fixed Issues

  • Forgot to set permanent mod on after debugging
  • Fixed audio source created in the wrong scene (main menu instead of game world)

The main issue was not testing the mod in permanent mod mode. The bug in v0.2.0 was not detected when the mod is loaded inside the world rather than loaded inside the main menu. The problem is resolved by making sure the audio source is created only in the game world. Version v.0.1.0 did not have this problem as the audio source was created as part of the mod's game object rather than within a separate game object in the world which is necessary to facilitate 3d audio. In the future, I will make sure to test the mod in permanent mod before release.

Released on 2021-03-12

Version v0.2.0Untested

Changes (Do not download. Breaking Bug)

  • Resolved version mismatched error
  • Improved audio system (to prepare for 3d audio)
  • Improved code stability

Released on 2021-03-12

Version v0.1.0Untested

This is the first version.

Released on 2021-03-11