Harvest Bees

Harvest Beehive with Honey Jar in hand to get Bee Jars.


banner for the Harvest Bees mod

Harvest bees from Beehive with a Honey Jar in your hand.

If a Beehive is ready to be harvested, and it contains 3 honey, have a minimum of 3 Honey Jars on your hotbar and have them selected, harvest the Beehive as normal and you will receive Bee Jars in place of Honeycomb.

The mod also takes into account your Honey Jar inventory. If you have enough Honey Jars, you'll receive Bee Jars exclusively. However, if you don't have enough Honey Jars, you'll still get some Honeycomb alongside the Bee Jars.

If you need support, you can contact me on Discord: Tikky#4980

Description last changed on 2023-05-16