Pickup To Storage

Automatically transfer items to the appropriate storage when picked up.


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Have you ever been frustrated by your inventory instantly filling up and dropping a plethora of items after collecting them all at once from a collection net?
Or have you found the task of sorting a large number of items picked up from the collection net into the appropriate storage tiresome?
With this MOD installed, items will be automatically transferred to the appropriate storage the moment they are picked up.


This MOD's primary function is to redirect items picked up by the player at sea directly to the storage where those items are already stored, bypassing the player's inventory.
If no such storage exists for the picked-up items, they can be transferred to an empty storage.
Moreover, the items designated for storage transfer can be customized in the settings. (The default includes Plank, Plastic, Thatch, Scrap, Stone, and Rope.)
Note, this MOD activates only for items picked up from the sea surface or collection nets. It is compatible with barrels and crates floating in the sea; however, items dropped by the player or found on islands will still enter the player’s inventory as usual.


The storage transfer function activates under the following conditions:

  • When picking up items designated for transfer from the sea or collection nets.
  • When obtaining items designated for transfer from barrels or crates in the sea or collection nets.

The logic for determining the destination storage for items is detailed as follows:

  1. If storage already containing the picked-up item has space, the item is added there.
  2. If no such storage exists, the item is added to an empty storage (this step can be bypassed if disabled in settings).
  3. If no suitable storage is found, the item is added to the player's inventory.
  4. Should the player's inventory be full, the item will be dropped on the spot (consistent with default behavior).

The items targeted for transfer, which can be toggled in settings, include:

  • Plank
  • Plastic
  • Thatch
  • Scrap
  • Stone
  • Rope
  • Raw Potato (excluded by default)
  • Raw Beet (excluded by default)

Types of storage destinations:

  • Basic storage units of three sizes (large, medium, small) are designated for transfers.
  • If configured in settings, all storage units except the trash bin can be designated, including possible storage furniture.

How to Install

Please also install the Extra Settings API.
Remember to load the installed MOD from the ModManager tab.
(It is advisable to select "Load this MOD at Startup" from the information (i) mark.)


This MOD can be used simply by installing and loading it.
Detailed settings can be adjusted from the settings menu.
Ensure the Extra Settings API is installed.
Press the ESC key to access the settings menu.
If the Extra Settings API is loaded, you will find a Mods tab, under which Pickup To Storage can be located and its settings customized:

  • Designate which items are targeted for transfer upon being picked up by checking.
  • It is possible to turn off the setting that transfers to an empty storage if there is no suitable storage for the target item.
  • By default, only the three basic sizes of storage are targeted for transfer, but this can be changed to include all storages, including storage furniture.
  • The reset button reinstates the default settings (developer-recommended) at any moment.


This MOD supports multiplayer.
Whether you are the host or a client, if you have the MOD installed, you can use it.
There is nothing to worry about.

Description last changed on 2024-03-27