Player Speed Changer

You can finely adjust the player's movement speed. (walk, sprint, swim, jump)


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Have you ever felt that your swimming is too slow?
Have you ever wished you could run faster or jump higher?
With this MOD, you can finely adjust the player's movement speed. (walk, sprint, swim, jump)
Furthermore, you can choose to enable or disable fall damage according to your preferences.

How to install

Please also install Extra Settings API.
While this MOD works on its own, if you want to change the movement speed from the settings screen rather than using commands, Extra Settings API is required.


Settings Screen
  • Press the ESC key during the game to open the settings screen. If Extra Settings API is installed, there will be a Mods tab. Find Player Speed Changer and adjust the sliders for each movement speed.
  • The values on the sliders represent multiples of the default speed. (For example, if Walking Speed is 1.2, it means the walking speed is 1.2 times faster.)
  • You can change the speed from a minimum of 0.1 times to a maximum of 10 times.
  • If you dislike receiving fall damage due to excessive jump power, you can prevent taking damage by checking "Disable Fall Damage".
  • The reset button allows you to reset all settings to their default values.

Press the F10 key during the game to bring up the console window. You can change the player's movement speed by executing commands like the following.

  • changeWalkSpeed 1.2 : Sets the player's walking speed to 1.2 times the normal speed.
  • changeSprintSpeed 0.2 : Sets the player's sprinting speed to 0.2 times the normal speed.
  • changeSwimSpeed 3 : Sets the player's swimming speed to 3 times the normal speed.
  • changeJumpSpeed 8 : Sets the player's jump speed to 8 times the normal speed. (You can jump higher)
  • showAllSpeeds : Displays all current speeds.
  • resetAllSpeeds : Resets all speeds to default.
  • disableFallDamage : Disables fall damage.
  • enableFallDamage : Enables fall damage.


This MOD works properly in multiplayer.
Whether you are the host or a client, if you have the MOD installed, you can change your own movement speed.
There is nothing to worry about.

Description last changed on 2024-02-24