Radio Sync

Syncs up radios and inserts cassettes so that you can have louder and more dispersed music.


banner for the Radio Sync mod

This mod lets you sync up all radios to play at the same time.

This was just something I wanted since my buddies and I enjoy the cassettes and find 1 radio to be a it quiet. Anyone can use it and you can even join someone in a vanilla game and it'll work.

Here are 3 commands you'd use in the console - F10:

  • radioInfo
    • This will read you what cassettes are in what radios in a very basic sense
  • setCassettes [int]
    • This will insert a cassette into every radio at the same time. If there is one present, it'll be removed and added to your inventory.
  • toggleRadios [int]
    • This will either turn on or off for all radios. There is no logic, so if one is on and the other is off, they will still flip-flop.
    • This combines both the above action and sets cassettes in one go.

For reference here are the cassettes and their index:

0 - none

1 - Classical

2 - EDM

3 - Pop

4 - Rock

5 - Elevator

6 - Trading Post

Example usage: Radios are off and you want pop, type toggleRadios 3 in the console. All radios will start playing pop and should be at the same time (or at least very very close to it lol).

Description last changed on 2024-03-07