Raft is not shark food

Prevents Bruce from attacking the raft


banner for the Raft is not shark food mod

Attention! If you're using a mod version prior to v1.2.0, please re-download the current version manually.

What does this mod do?

This mod prevents the shark Bruce from attacking your raft. That's all.
Your character will still be attacked when in the water.

How to use?

Just load the mod, that's all. There are no options.

Why does this mod exist?

I like Bruce as an element of danger when in the water. What I don't like is its unhealthy appetite for wood and plastic.
Since I only wanted to change this one single thing, I created a mod that doesn't do anything else. I know myself and if there is stuff to fiddle with, I will eventually fiddle with it. So no options, no temptation.

Description last changed on 2022-07-01